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6 Things You Can Use When Betting On Sports

6 Things You Can Use When Betting On Sports. 

Very few people are experts when it comes to sports betting; most people have extremely limited knowledge about it. In spite of how little the average person knows about sports betting it is one of the most popular forms of gambling there is. On an almost hourly basis, people all over the world try their luck and place bets.

Truthfully though you don’t need to be an expert to make money betting, you just need access to the right tools. If you are interested in pursuing betting as a way of making money on the side then this post will offer some advice on what tools you should be using:

6 Things You Can Use When Betting On Sports:

Use Cryptocurrencies

Did you know that you do not have to bet with real money if you do not want to? It is entirely possible to use cryptocurrencies to bet instead. Whatever cryptocurrency you have invested in you will be able to find a casino that accepts it. Whether you are looking for the best Ethereum betting sites or Bitcoin ones all you need to conduct is a simple internet search. As the cryptocurrency industry is fraught with fraud and theft, take steps to protect yourself. As you will be using your cryptocurrency to place bets you are potentially opening yourself up to theft. Use a virtual private network whenever you are gaming and store your holdings in a secure, offline wallet. Taking these precautions will help you to avoid detection by hackers or criminals.

Matched Betting

You don’t have to play with any money of your own if you don’t want to. A popular style of betting called matched betting is most amateur gamers’ go-to right now. It involves only ever using casino bonuses to play and never one’s own money. You do not have to be a genius to adhere to this method, you just have to find a casino offering desirable bonuses. Make sure that you are subtle and as quiet as possible when matched betting as casinos actively look for matched bettors and try to punish them for bonus abuse.

Hiring Handicappers

A sports handicapper is essentially just somebody so good at betting that they are able to help other people place winning bets. Unless you have experience in sports betting working with a handicapper is a good idea. The best thing about handicappers is that many of them offer their services for free. By offering free sports tips they are able to build reputations for themselves as experts. Then, in the future, they can begin charging big money for their tips. Always read a handicapper’s reviews before hiring them so you can make sure they are worth working with.

Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/fxAo3DiMICI

Researching Sports

Working with handicappers is good. Becoming a handicapper in your own right is even better. It is entirely possible to become a handicapper even if your knowledge of sports right now is rudimentary at best. There are lots of different ways of learning about sports from reading guides to taking courses and even following players on social media. Beyond sports, learn about actual players’ lives as knowing about what is going on with them personally can help you to make more accurate bets. If the striker of a football team is going through a divorce, for example, he might underperform.

Playing Live

Live betting is a lot of fun. You can bet on live games up until the very last minute. Going to actual bookmakers’ shops and betting in person with other people can be very entertaining. Alternatively, you can bet using your phone and sit in a bar or tavern, watching the game you are betting on live. Bear in mind if you lose and are surrounded by people you need to control yourself. Having a negative reaction to losing in public could get you into trouble. Bars and sports betting establishments expect you to behave maturely when your team loses.


E-sports are a form of competitive video gaming that has become immensely popular over the last few years, especially with young people. You can actually place bets on e-sports teams. If you are somebody who has a passion for gaming or you just like good odds, e-sports are worth checking out. There are many different e-sports teams operating online. Take some time and learn about the so you can make effective bets. Most e-sports tournaments take place online so you do not have to go anywhere special to watch them; you can watch them from home.

Sports betting can be an extremely effective way of making money on the side. Until you have conducted extensive research and learned about betting, however, it is unwise to place bets of any kind. You can use this post as a guide to help you further your knowledge and become more of an expert.

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