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  • 6 Apr, 2020

    How to Calibrate an iPhone Battery in 6 Easy Steps

      Why Should You Calibrate Your iPhone Battery Calibrating your iPhone battery (also referred to as resetting the battery of an iPhone) is a surprisingly important part of the iPhone maintenance. Unfortunately, many people do not realize its benefits, and even fewer that it takes to carry out the necessary steps. Without you are using a correctly calibrated battery, you are likely to see an inaccurate and erratic battery percentage readings, a much battery drain, and a much shorter total.

  • 6 Apr, 2020

    How to Check Which Movies Are Available to Stream

    What is media streaming? Media streaming is one of the coolest technological innovations of recent times. It allows you to watch movies and television episodes from anywhere that you are over the internet. However, with the sheer number of streaming services, it is very hard to find out where your favorite movies and TV shows would be available to stream. Luckily for you, you several tools at your disposal. Search On These Sites to Find Out Where to Stream Movies If you know the movie that y.

  • 6 Apr, 2020

    How to Listen to Music With Friends Far Away

    Why should we listen to music together? Listening together to some music is one of the best social activities. Topics for discussion might be based on the lyrics, or the artist. But what happens when your music-loving friends live far away? All thanks to the applications that are listed below, it is very easy to listen to music with your friends at the same time, even if you are not together. Most of these applications demand that you have access to a music streaming service, such as Spotify P.

  • 4 Apr, 2020

    How to Wipe Your Hard Drive While Leaving the OS Intact

    Imagine this scenario: you are selling your computer, so you would want to wipe all your personal data but you also want to leave your Windows installation intact. Simply removing your personal files is not enough, unfortunately. With the right tools, anybody could recover your data. So, you would need to securely wipe the hard drive to make sure no personal data traces remain. So, how do you wipe a hard drive clean while keeping the operating system intact?  How to Wipe a Hard Drive Wit.

  • 4 Apr, 2020

    How to Send Anonymous Emails

    Have you ever wanted to send an email completely anonymous? It is very easy to send an email without revealing your identity. Below are several ways for you to send an anonymous email. 1. Burner Email Account with a VPN Using a webmail account such as Gmail to send an anonymous email is a great option. You can sign up for a Gmail account without entering any personal identifying information. Later, you can make use of that email address as a burner account. Also, when you send an anonymous em.

  • 4 Apr, 2020

    How to Disable (and Enable) JavaScript in Google Chrome

    You Might be wondering how a site would look like with or without JavaScript. On Chrome, JavaScript is turned on by default, but you can turn it off it fairly quickly to see how a site would look like without all the moving parts. Here’s how to do that. Why Should I Enable or Disable JavaScript? Modern websites usually have several moving parts. Almost every online magazine and blog that you know runs ads to support the site. With JavaScript turned on, you would be able to see these ads .

  • 3 Apr, 2020

    How to Read Free Ebooks With Wattpad

    What Is Wattpad? Wattpad is a little different from your regular ebook distributors such as Amazon. Wattpad is more of a social reading application that aims at connecting together authors to readers. How to Get Started With the Wattpad Application for Android and iOS You can read stories directly from the Wattpad website on any device, but for the sake of this article, we are going to focus on how to read stories using the Android and iOS applications. How to Download and Sign Up to Wattpad.

  • 3 Apr, 2020

    How to Archive All Old Emails in Gmail and Reach Inbox Zero

    What Is Archive? In simple terms, an Archive is a vault of messages that is a part of your email but not included in your inbox. Using Gmail as an example, your email is made up of Inbox, Sent Mail, Spam, Trash, and Archive. Inbox: Every new non-junk email enters here. You can keep an email here, you can also delete or archive it. Sent Mail: Every that you send to others would be saved here. Spam: Junk email automatically goes in here. Trash: Every email that you delete goes in here. Ar.

  • 3 Apr, 2020

    How to Partition Your External Time Machine Hard Drive

    Now that almost every Mac PC comes with a very fast solid-state drive, Most of us have learned to live with much smaller storage capacities in our computers. At the same time, external hard drives are way more cheaper than before. That means it is very easy to get yourself an external hard drive that is big enough to partition for both Time Machine backups and external storage. How Time Machine Works Time Machine works by making historic backups of your Mac. This means that it holds older copi.

  • 2 Apr, 2020

    How to Find a Book Without Knowing the Title or Author

    Have you ever wanted to find a book title but can't remember the title? Sometimes you would remember a book you read by its jacket. Sometimes it would be by the actions of an obscure character in the book. However, there are times when you can’t even remember the author or title. How to Find a Book With a Google Search When you can’t remember the name of a book, author, or the characters that are in it, Google or any other search engine should be your first call. In a situation wh.


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