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  • 1 Aug, 2019

    How to Convert Your VHS Tapes to Digital?

    How to Convert Your VHS Tapes to Digital?  Decades ago, when the digital technologies did not appear, VHS (Video Home System) was the most popular medium of storage amongst the people. People used to save their photos, music, videos, and another small amount of data amongst those VHS tapes. Many people might have stacks of old VHS tapes with full of their old memories. Memories are extremely valuable, so preserving those old memories is very important. The amazing thing is, converting thes.

  • 1 Aug, 2019

    How Can You Change the Default Font In Google Docs?

    About Google Docs: A Powerful Online Word Processor by Google Google offers Google Docs as a free and powerful online word processor option to Microsoft's heavy and expensive MS Office. Docs run totally from the Internet, which makes a few restrictions document accessibility yet additionally gives an approach to spare a consistent stream of amendments, so you never lose your work. However, instead of this internet issue, there's no other major issue to ignore Google Docs capable of commercial .

  • 2 Dec, 2018

    How to Install Python

    How to Install Python Python is a very powerful programming language and it is available on a wide variety of platforms which includes Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. To start using Python, you’ve to understand how to set up the Python environment. Getting Started with Python Installation:  Local Development Setup We have to setup the local development before anything else. So if you are using Linux or Mac OS X, open the terminal window and type “python” to check if it&rs.

  • 16 Oct, 2018

    Why You Should Become I.T Certified

    What is Technology?  Technology (Tech) is the collection of mechanisms, techniques, methods, skills and processes used to ease the production process and delivery of goods and services.  Categories Of Technology The following are the 3 Major Categories of Technology 1. Information and Communication Technology - I.C.T  2. Industrial and Manufacturing Technology 3. Medical and Bio Technology What is I.T or I.C.T?  Information Technology (I.T) is a subset of In.

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