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How To Make Your YouTube Intro More Memorable


The first eight seconds of a video are some of the most important. The average attention span of people has dropped to an astounding 8 seconds, so it is essential to capture the attention of your audience while you still have the chance to do so, according to a study conducted by Microsoft Corporation.

Establishing your brand or ensuring that new viewers continue watching your video can be accomplished through the development of an engaging introduction. We are all familiar with the video introduction used by our favorite YouTuber, including what they say and the music that they use in their videos. It is time for others to think back on you and your channel at this point.

This article will discuss various ideas, formats, and components for introducing videos on YouTube. You should include the following in your introduction video for YouTube if you want it to be memorable:

  • A Unique Background
  • Animated Text or Elements
  • Music and Sound Effects

1. A Unique Background

Establishing your brand requires that you have an engaging background for your YouTube intro. This article will make use of Kapwing, a free online video editor that can be used to create introductions for videos to be uploaded to YouTube.

You can look through Kapwing's extensive collection of images for which you do not need to pay a license fee if you are interested in using an image as your background. Simply look for an image to use as your background by selecting "Images" from the list of options in the left-hand navigation bar.

If you do not want to use an image as your background, you can choose a solid color by clicking the first layer of your canvas and then using the color picker or the hex code on the left navigation bar. If you do not want to use an image as your background, you can select a solid color.

Keep in mind that the video dimensions for YouTube are 1920 by 1080 pixels, which corresponds to a 16:9 aspect ratio; therefore, make sure to select the appropriate dimensions under the "Output Size" navigation option on the right.

2. Animated Text or Elements

Your YouTube introduction will automatically have a greater impact on viewers if you include any text or elements that are animated. Make use of text and other elements to present yourself or your brand while simultaneously capturing and retaining the interest of your audience from the very beginning.

In Kapwing, you have the ability to give your own personalized text animations. To complete this task, first add text to your background, then select your text box, and finally pick your animation from the "Animate" tab located on the right side of the navigation bar.

Click "Elements" in the left navigation and then search for the type of animation you want to add to your video. This will add 2D animation to your video. In this location, I looked for You can also adjust the duration and speed, in addition to the placement within the introduction.

Put your creative skills to the test by navigating the interface and adding any 2D animation that you think goes well with your brand or text!

3. Music and Sound Effects

The vast majority of opening sequences for videos, television shows, and podcasts all begin with a song that will forever be associated with the show's creator or with the show itself. Consider producers such as Good Mythical Morning, whose show has aired for over 15 years and boasts a soundtrack that has remained largely unchanged. And their viewers are still finding it enjoyable!

By clicking the "Audio" tab located on the page's left-hand side, you will be able to create your own YouTube intro song and add music or sound effects to your videos. There is an extremely extensive library of music tracks and sound effects that can be chosen from. Be creative while you're at it! You can compose your very own song and melody for your YouTube introduction by layering multiple tracks.

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