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How To Protect Your Twitter Account

Twitter, Social Media. 

Users of social media platforms have a responsibility to protect the privacy of their accounts at all costs. It's a common misconception that all it takes to fix a password issue is a new one. Most likely, this is not the case.

Protecting your online accounts from bugs and assaults is generally a good idea. As a result of recent breaches, this article's primary goal is to educate Twitter users on how to protect their accounts which is as follow:

1. Change your Twitter password

For security reasons, it is recommended to change passwords more frequently. To change your Twitter password, simply follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Go to the password page on the app
  2. The existing password, the new password, and the new password verification are all found on the password page.
  3. After you have filled all the fields, click on Save your changes.
  4. Using a password that comprises of letters, numbers, and other odd characters is generally suggested. Hackers can't get into your account if you have a strong password protecting it.


2. Add Two-Factor Authentication

Adding two-factor authentication to your account provides an extra degree of security. In order to log in to your Twitter account, you'll be asked for two additional pieces of information in addition to your password. A six-digit number sent through SMS to the user's mobile device serves as the second element of authentication in this case. Each time you log into your Twitter account, you'll be prompted to enter the 6-digit code sent to your mobile device.

When two-factor authentication is activated and configured, select the option to get a backup code. You can use this to produce a backup code in the event that your mobile device is lost or stolen. But keep in mind that the backup password is a one-time usage.

3. Add more security to Password Reset

Think about the possibility that your Twitter password has been hacked. The first thing he'll do is change your password so that you can't get back in. However, this can be avoided with a few simple tweaks. To find out what they are, follow this steps:

  1. Visit the Twitter page
  2. Go to the account settings page, search "Require personal information to reset your password" under Security then click on it.
  3. This setting requires that the phone number or email address be validated every time a password is reset.

Navigating to Mobile or Account gives you time to think about your next move, even if anyone can view your sensitive information.

4. Accept help from Password Managers

Passwords are regularly re-used across a variety of different online accounts. Although it is more convenient for them to remember the password, this choice is the least safe. If one of your passwords gets cracked, the hacker will be able to access all of your accounts in a matter of minutes.

Choosing a strong password manually is a good idea, but if a technological fault reveals the password in plain text, it is useless.

Password Managers come to the fore in these instances, and their importance becomes clear. You can use password management software to create and save strong passwords for your online accounts. Using password managers eliminates the need to memorize passwords, making them more secure.

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