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How To Revamp Your Website For The New Year

Website Development. 

The best website is one that constantly feels fresh. It has the latest information, it’s consistently being rehashed and reshaped to keep up with trends and the latest technologies, and it works.

The worst thing that you can do for your website is leave it. A website that doesn’t get refreshed and updated regularly is bad business both from a user’s point of view and also for your SEO efforts.

That’s why, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to give your website a refresh, starting with these tips:

Get It Audited

The best way to make improvements is to know the issues. When auditing your site, you’ll always be better doing it with an SEO focus. Search engine optimization today is largely about improving your site for users and also organizing the information so that search engines can easily understand the content on your site and can pick it apart as necessary.

When it comes to making SEO improvements to your site, you’re going to want an agency that specializes in the CMS you use. If that’s WordPress, for example, then you’ll want a WordPress SEO agency. Improving your site with search engines in mind is a great way to bring your platform up to par. From there, you’ll want to consider content.

Restructure Pages

You need all content to be easy to find. This may mean restructuring your pages, deleting pages, merging pages, or creating new pages. Not all pages need to be universally available. You can, for example, create desktop and mobile versions of the same page and have your site automatically switch to the best option based on how your customer is viewing your page.

Another example of when you’ll want to add pages is if you have multiple locations.

Have every page you create organized in a clear and logical way. Keep information streamlined and always invest in a search system so that users can find the information they need. Not only will this help users get to what they’re looking for, it will also help search engines understand your site and the content on it.

Boosting Your Content

When it comes to the content itself, there are two main factors you need to consider: formatting and accessibility.

If you create content and format it properly so that it’s easy to read or skim through with lots of headings, bullet points, lists, and multimedia content, you’ll have a more engaging page overall. Once again, doing this will also help improve your SEO efforts, giving you multiple benefits.

Accessibility is another important factor to consider. Text is, overall, the most accessible medium, but only because of additional tools like text-to-speak or the ability to change font sizes. When it comes to making videos or images accessible, you need to add captions and descriptions. This is great for making your site accessible to all your customers, and it’s also a great tip to help search engines understand what’s going on in an image or video.

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