Microsoft Teams Will Be The Focal Point Of Windows 11's User Interface

Online IT Certificate Courses Microsoft Teams will be the focal point of Windows 11's user interface. 

Microsoft Teams will be the focal point of Windows 11's user interface

The most recent teaser for Windows 11 suggests that Microsoft Teams will play an even more prominent role in the new software platform than previously anticipated, according to the source.

Using the new build, the Microsoft Teams chat feature in Windows 11 will be integrated directly into the taskbar, allowing users to initiate chats or video conference calls with just a few clicks.

According to the latest preview builds of Windows 11, which can be seen in the image above, the software will include a dedicated button for the Microsoft Teams chat application in addition to all of the usual options in the taskbar.

Microsoft Teams Windows 11

This new feature was discovered by BleepingComputer, who discovered that, for the time being, the feature is fairly basic, with users only being able to sign in, add contacts, and connect via individual and group chats.

It appears that the chat feature is closely associated with the Microsoft Teams desktop client, as users who click on the chat button in the Windows 11 preview will instead see this application open on their computer.

More features and functions for Windows 11 will be revealed in the coming months, but Microsoft has already unveiled a slew of new additions and services, some of which are specifically geared toward the Teams collaboration platform.

As previously announced, the company has given Teams a major overhaul, including a completely new engineering base, with the goal of making Teams more intuitive and easier to use. As opposed to Electron, "Microsoft Teams 2.0" is built on Edge WebView2 rather than Electron, which will allow Microsoft to use embedded web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in conjunction with the Chromium rendering engine.

Teams 2.0 will no longer have an address bar as a result of the use of Edge WebView2, and users will be able to run the app in a separate window, just as they could with the previous version.

In contrast to the previous client, the Teams 2.0 app window can now be resized, and the interface scales automatically to fit the new size. Integrations with native notifications and other Windows 10 features have also been added by Microsoft, as previously stated.

While many new features are now available in the new client, advanced controls are still lacking, which limits the functionality of Together Mode and prevents users from changing the noise cancellation settings for their Teams in the process.

The move demonstrates just how important Microsoft Teams is expected to be in the upcoming Windows 11 release and in the years to come, as businesses around the world prepare to adopt a hybrid working model that is heavily reliant on software tools.

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