Plentywaka Receives 600 Additional Buses As Part Of Its Interstate Travel Partnership With GUO Transport

Online IT Certificate Courses Plentywaka receives 600 additional buses as part of its interstate travel partnership with GUO Transport. 

Plentywaka receives 600 additional buses

Plentywaka, Nigeria's leading transportation technology company, has partnered with GUO, a leading interstate transport company, to expand and simplify the travel offerings of both companies. The two-pronged partnership would see GUO integrate its ticket booking capabilities into the Plentywaka app, thereby joining Travelwaka's interstate travel network.

In addition, Plentywaka will integrate 600 new buses from GUO onto its platform, resulting in the addition of new routes to the Travelwaka platform. Lagos-Abuja is one of the major routes expected to debut on the platform, along with approximately 200 others.

Travelwaka, which was recently launched, is primarily a booking platform for a network of interstate transportation companies, which now includes GUO Transports. It offers discounted tickets for major bus companies, up to a 10% discount.

One of its primary benefits is that it enables users to compare options from a variety of travel companies in a single search and on a single app. In essence, this partnership would combine technology and marketing in order to consolidate transportation into a single simple product, the Plentywaka mobile app.



Onyeka Akumah, co-founder and CEO of Plentywaka, commented on the partnership:

The partnership with GUO Transport Services Limited benefits our users significantly, as we know many of them have been searching for routes operated by GUO.

“We are ecstatic to have developed the technology that underpins an easy-to-use mobile app that will streamline Nigerians' travel experience,” he added.

Indeed, GUO Transport has one of the broadest network of routes among Nigeria's interstate operators. Established in 1980 as a subsidiary of G. U. Okeke & Sons Ltd currently operates over 200 routes that span the length and breadth of Nigeria, as well as into the West African sub-region.

With its modern, environmentally friendly fleet and professional service, the company has established itself as an icon in the transportation industry, providing millions of passengers with safe, enjoyable, and affordable travel each year. As GUO's Director Of Operations, Kene Okeke stated, this partnership will enable the company to expand its remarkable services.



“We believe that every traveler deserves convenient and easy transportation to and from their destinations. Given the extent to which PlentyWaka has contributed to this, we are delighted to join forces with them,” he concluded.

With this new partnership and the addition of 600 buses, Plentywaka's Travelwaka network now totals 850 buses. And the transportation technology company is not slowing down after completing over 350,000 rides in the last two years.

“We will continue to sign leading bus operators in Nigeria as we strive to become the country's largest aggregator of bus operators, providing a more efficient way for them to manage and monitor their bookings and customers,” the company stated.


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