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Sports Betting Strategies - A Guide And Tips For Beginners

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There are many strategies to help you win more and make the possibility of losing as small as possible.


They are described in detail in the article Corridors in sports betting. Corridors (tunnels) are intervals of overlapping results. For example, the over/under goal totals. For example: a basketball game with a 161.5 TB and a 170.5 TM. The interval between 162 and 171 is a band. The essence of the strategy is to cover two outcomes, between which there is a lineout. The result may be a win for both of them, if they both end up in the given tunnel. This will happen if 167 balls are scored. This will produce a double profit. If the result is outside the corridor, only one bet will win, thus reducing the loss. When played over a long period of time with a good match analysis, the strategic algorithm can give tangible additions to the pot. It can also be applied by betting on handicaps or a combination of winning and handicapping.

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Mandatory Goal

A very popular strategy for betting with minimum risk, which gives a bankroll increase over a distance. Choose events with a clear favorite (often not playing on home field), which has a high motivation. Often the winning bet is on the leader's goal, which should happen when the weaker team has already scored. The most likely scenario is when the favourite has not yet scored. The second option is a 1-1 draw. In both cases the potential of the leader is great, his goal can be called a must. This methodology gives a high winning percentage of bets. To realise it you should at least have a look at the standings and the odds (P1/P2) of the betting odds. They will tell you the probability of victory, which the bookmakers determine with enviable accuracy. The must-win goal is caught as the game progresses. The favourable odds are closer to the end of the match. As an insurance policy it is possible to take the total instead of the favourite's individual total. Then the chance of winning increases.

Bets on underdogs

This is a very simple methodology. Opt for P or PH outsiders, and that they will score a goal. These options can yield big winnings due to the often observed underestimation of underdogs. Larger odds override losses, requiring a lower percentage of winning bets. In order to increase your bankroll, you need to correctly select teams and matches by conducting an in-depth analysis. You can find out which underdogs have a good potential based on a number of criteria, such as statistics, motivation, teams' line-up and the evaluation of their opponents.

This methodology is an option for those who already have some experience, or are willing to work hard to win. There are plenty of so-called win-win strategies for sports betting on the net. In order to choose the most suitable one, try to understand them by testing them "on paper" or with real bets with small amounts. You should not expect magic results from any new variant. All algorithms and systems of play require the work of the bettor. This is especially true of long-distance betting. Betting is a largely human-driven process. Technology, techniques, programmes, services are all ancillary things that do not work without sufficient effort on the part of the bettor.

Objectively, there is no better algorithm. Look for your own, check it out and test it. Perhaps you will come up with something unique that will increase your bankroll with enviable consistency.

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