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The Benefits Of Learning Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel. 

Microsoft Excel Study

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet that is part of a productivity software package developed by Microsoft that features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language called Visual Basic. Advanced Excel Training entails the last step of training before you specialize in Excel operations for a professional setting. 

Microsoft Excel skills are one of the most sought-after in this increasingly digitized world. Excel originally began as a business designed to make operational tasks less challenging. However, it soon grew to become one of the most widely used productivity software. In this software age, sporting strong Excel skills is crucial to rise in any professional field. 

Advanced Excel involves the use of more sophisticated and advanced formulae. It also involves a more rigorous look at spreadsheet design and documentation. Moreover, it involves cleaning and preparing data for analysis, working with dates and financial functions, and more. An Advanced Excel proficiency will ultimately lead you to build your own professional dashboards through Excel. 


The Benefits of Studying Microsoft Excel

  • Best way to store data

Using Microsoft Excel is the best way to store data. Excel is a kind of application that is used by millions of people. So, when you store data in Excel and then share it with others, they can access it easily.

  • You can perform calculations

What makes Excel the best spreadsheet application on the planet is its ability to perform calculations. In Excel, you have a complete list of functions (Top 100) that you can use for the calculations.

But apart from that, you can also create your own formulas by combining two or more functions or just by performing calculations using operators.

Some Formula Examples:

Calculate Time Difference

Compound Interest

Count Cells with Text

Easy to data visualizations with charts

In Excel, you have all those options to create charts and present your data in a visual way.

All those major types of charts that you need to use to present your data are already there and you can insert them with a single click.

  • You can print reports easily

Even if you are a person who likes to save trees but there could be a point where you need to print reports to share with others. Excel allows you to print with a lot of customization where you can change the margin, paper size, orientation, etc.

  •  You can code to automate

Microsoft Office has its own coding language which is called VBA (visual basic for applications) and it allows you to write code them almost all the activities that you perform manually in Excel. Microsoft Excel sharpens your skills by training your critical thinking skills. It trains you to manipulate and evaluate data.


Career Benefits 

Skills Acquisition

Professional Certification

Jobs Opportunities

Career Advancement

Increased Earning Potential 


Things You Will Learn

Some of the skills you will gain during the course of study include:

Microsoft Excel - Basics

Microsoft Excel - Getting Started with Excel

Microsoft Excel - Creating and Opening Workbooks 

Microsoft Excel - Saving and Sharing Workbooks 

Microsoft Excel - Cell Basics

Microsoft Excel - Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells

And lots more.

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