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Value-based Education - The Key To A Successful Future


Since most people feel Education Is The Key To Success, parents and teachers have long encouraged students to work hard in school and pursue higher education or college. The statement "The function of education is to teach one to think extensively and to think critically" was made by civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr.

True education aims for a character as much as intelligence. His advice is still relevant today. Students are encouraged to analyze texts, data, and patterns even in high school to help them perceive society in a new way. This broadens our perspective and enables us to see things differently. But there are many other beautiful reasons why education is good for us, as well as a tonne of different ways in which it might be the critical lot a successful career. 

What is Values-based Education?

Values-based education is a method of instruction that integrates values. It establishes a stable learning environment that improves academic performance and helps kids build lifelong social and interpersonal skills.

The staff members that work at the school exemplify positive values, which creates a conducive learning environment. It instantly releases educators and learners from the strain of abusive interactions, which significantly increases teaching and learning time. 

Importance of Value-Based Education

Today, every parent wants to provide their children with the most significant education possible, which extends beyond purely academic education. The parents believe their children's holistic development is crucial to succeeding in the global environment. Because of this, parents emphasize extracurricular activities and emphasize schooling. Value-based education turns out to be the answer in the present when there is a profound moral values crisis in society. We can raise kids with solid morals and values who know how to apply their knowledge for the good of humanity through value-based education. 

Nelson Mandela was right when he declared that the most effective tool for changing the world is education. In this passage, Jesus discussed both moral and academic instruction. And value education can alter the course of history. Education is a lifetime process that begins in school and helps people develop their personalities. It is a school where the foundation of everything is built. Because of this, schools are crucial in delivering moral or value-based education. 

Top 8 Reasons Why Education is the Key to Success

1. It increases your earning potential 

According to a new Georgetown University research, college graduates make $1 million more in lifetime earnings on average. The typical annual salary gap between high school and college graduates, according to a different Pew Research Center research, is almost $17,500. Of course, not all of this will be profit if you have student loan debt to repay. However, enrolling in a tuition-free university like the University of the People can avoid this issue because you won't need to take out loans to pay for your education. Additionally, many scholarships are available to pay the small assessment fees. 

2. Education allows you to turn your dreams into a reality

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook to create a society where people were more connected. What follows is history. However, even if you don't make a website that will revolutionize the internet, college can help you find the opportunity to pursue your aspirations. The American Institute for Economic Research estimates that college graduates between the ages of 25 and 32 earn $17,000 more annually than those who did not attend college and that 72 percent of millennials in that age group believe their education has already paid off. And if you are older than 32? Not to worry! There is no cap on how much money you can make. You're in luck if bigger pay is on your wish list. Whatever your age, once you have the degree under your belt, you might find that your aspirations are one step closer to coming true. 

3. Education sharpens your financial intelligence

Let's face it: managing your money well enough to have the short-term funds necessary to finish the course is a huge part of completing your degree. You can build budgeting skills and an understanding of economics that will serve you well throughout your life by doing simple tasks like figuring out how to make $100 per week i.e from a part-time tutoring job or researching interest rates on loans for tuition. 

4. Education helps you channel your energy

Following a curriculum from beginning to end allows you to focus your energy on something other than your body and brain, whether you're learning woodworking, business economics, singing, or coding. Gaining knowledge in a new subject or talent might make you feel more motivated, purposeful, and upbeat about life. 

5. It helps to make the world a better place

You will get a stronger grasp of what is good, bad, fair, and unjust as you advance in your schooling. You'll be able to apply your critical thinking and reasoning abilities to circumstances in your life as you improve these abilities. You'll be knowledgeable about your civic duties and rights. You'll develop more reasonable personal judgments, which you'll eventually apply to society and use to improve things in the world. 

6. It helps you gain personal control of your life

It's possible that you weren't born into the life you'd like to live forever. Education can be beneficial in this regard. You offer yourself the chance to improve your life by receiving an education. You might graduate and work as a manager rather than a salaried worker. Instead of just receiving a salary at the end of the month, you may become the CEO or a shareholder. Your entire world may begin to open up as new, exciting options for your personal and professional life arise over time. There are many ways to pursue a university education at the University of the People. Being from a family that cannot support your studies is not a barrier to starting because UoPeople offers tuition-free education. 

7. If it gives you the skills required for employment

You will gain time management skills as you advance through a college degree, along with how to balance multiple things at once and communicate with various people, including classmates, professors, and business professionals. Future success depends on these abilities. You'll bring a more precisely polished set of interpersonal and organizational abilities when you enter the workforce—or return there if you're a mature student. All of these will enable you to succeed at work and overcome the obstacles the working world presents. 

8. It gives you confidence and staying power

Many people believe that having a degree demonstrates your intelligence. Even in high school, obtaining a certificate in a particular subject is a means to explain to others your mastery of that subject and your ability to persevere through difficult situations. You can get through the challenging times, the deadlines, and the late evenings spent furiously typing away on your computer. You succeeded, and knowing this will assist you and other people (like potential employers) to believe in you. You'll also have an advantage in terms of knowledge because, in contrast to people who merely have a general awareness of a subject, you will have spent time researching the most recent books, articles, and learnings on the topic. 


A present that can expand your thinking and improve your quality of life is education. But there are also other essential justifications for going to school. You may be taken seriously, be able to enter new markets and have greater confidence. Even while spending long hours in the library or using a laptop at home to study can be challenging, you will gain many transferable, life-improving skills in the time you spend in between tasks.

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