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Men's Shirts


Shirts are a must in every man’s wardrobe no matter which class of society they belong to. You’ll find a farmer always wearing a shirt and a business in a shirt too. Shirts have been in the industry for longer than we can imagine. From farmer to business and teacher to Engineer everyone needs a shirt every day, but to choose the right fabric for you to wear comfortably and for the right occasion here is a list of fabrics used mostly for tailoring shirts.  

Men's Shirts Fabric

  • Cotton

Cotton shirt fabric is the most common and needed shirt fabric in India, but even this fabric comes in many different varieties like  Egyptian. sea Island, and American Pima cotton these are a few expensive cotton fabrics for shirts but they are valuable and costly. These are made from a long-term stable cotton plant which lets us make a fine thread and increase the thread counts and they have two-ply constructions.

  • Twill

Twill fabric is woven diagonally to create a shiny texture and a thicker weave. The diagonal weave can vary from thin weave to larger imperial, they have a shiny effect which will depend upon which fabric is used, what color, and how it is woven. Due to it being tightly woven it sometimes is mistaken for silk. It is relatively easy to maintain. Twill weaves are very soft to touch but are heavier than many fabrics. It is durable, strong, and fits perfectly well on your body. You can find many types of twill according to your choice, most twill fabrics are hard but comfortable to wear, Denim is one such. 

  • Royal oxford 

Oxford fabric has a basket weave, they are more suitable for casual wear. The Royal Oxford fabric has a visible shine and weave. The lustrous weave makes it one of the most demanded shirt fabrics. The material is a little coarse but it is comfortable to wear. The traditional weave has a subtle color with plain white thread weave giving it an undyed look. They are easy to wash and maintain as a light iron can keep them wrinkle-free. 

  • Rayon and Melange 

Rayon is a lightweight fabric making it easy to maintain, it is a man-made fabric made from trees, cotton, and plants. It is one of the soft pieces of clothing with a comfortable feel. It can give an impression of silk but gets easily wrinkled. 

Melange is a French word meaning concoction or simply blend, It is mainly made from both dyed and undyed threads woven smoothly into a lightweight fabric used for high-end appeal,  the clothes are soft and bring a boho look. The fabric needs special attention and care during the wash.

  • Dobby and Chambray 

It is made in dobby loom with unique textures and patterns. It is mostly found in geometric designs and is always compared with jacquard. Dobby needs special care while cleaning. Dobby is not too formal or classy but a perfect choice to style a casual shirt for men.

Chambray is one of the plain weave fabrics. It is made from heavy yarn to give a more formal and relaxed appeal. There will be a white thread weaving from the width direction to give it an inconsistent color appearance. It is woven mainly for dying which results in unusual colors and can give you a trendy casual and workwear look.

  • Broadcloth and  poplin

Poplin comes in bold colors making it a perfect fit for your everyday outfit, with poplin being comfortable and soft feel it is the right choice for leisure and casual wear. It has a smooth texture and lightweight feature making it the most loved fabric. Poplin is a little transparent kind of shirt, they are thinner which make them more prone to wrinkles. They look solid but the weave is in a pattern. 

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Broadcloth will at a point remind you of poplin, but it is denser and a bit more expensive than it. This denser weaving gives it a solid color appearance. It is a traditional type of cloth which works well with suits and ties. The weave is tight which gives it a crisp look and soft feel. Broadcloth is the softest weave among all the fabrics, the white fabric might even be a little transparent but it is a lightweight fabric 

  • Jacquard and Flannel and Linen 

Jacquard is one of the most traditional textiles. It is known for its colorful geometric designs, patterns, prints, and florals. The patterns are made on material not printed making the patterns on both sides. The patterns can be raised by making them tone by tone.  

Flannel is one of the most loved fabrics due to its warmth during the cold weather, they are ideal for casual wear and formal wear. It can be 100% cotton or a blend of cotton, wool, or cashmere. They have a warm and fuzzy feeling. It has a tremendous insulating feature which works well in winter.   

Linen is the most elegant clothing fabric, it honestly gets better with age, it does get wrinkled easily but it has the right amount of crispiness, making it an ideal choice for day-to-day affairs. This is preferred for hot weather, this is loosely woven compared to cotton and can even get more wrinkled compared to cotton, people usually prefer cotton/lined blend for shirts 

Choosing the right fabric according to your occasion, weather, and need are very important. You can’t wear a flannel shirt to a formal meeting and you can’t wear a dress shirt to hang out. Every occasion has the right outfit and every outfit has the right fabric. How will you choose with so many fabrics to choose from with so many different patterns and designs? With the above information on fabric, you can choose the right fabric for your next shirt. Getting a shirt tailored than buying readymade is a better choice. A tailored shirt fits you best according to your body. 

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