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Advantages of Double Deep Racking System

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Double Deep pallet racking is a variant of selective pallet racking that is best understood in comparison to it. Two single rows of pallet racks are placed back-to-back in selective pallet racking. However, in double deep racking, four single rows of pallet racks are stacked on top of each other. This restricts immediate access to only the two aisle facing pallet rows, resulting in a first-in, last-out (FILO) pallet rack system. It expands available storage space by simply storing pallets at two depths rather than one depth as with the adjustable pallet racking system.

Here are the advantages of double-deep racking system: 

  1. Low initial capital investment: Double deep selective racking solutions provide 50% more storage capacity than single deep selective racking solutions at the lowest cost available for structural pallet racking. This low-cost solution provides high inventory access for a variety of distribution types and applies to a wide range of industry distribution needs.
  2. Fewer aisles than single selective: Double deep selective pallet racking can eliminate aisles in a warehouse, increasing pallet positions while preserving forklift lanes for product access. A warehouse can configure a larger slotting design with this additional storage to maintain access to a diverse product mix. The low initial cost combined with increased storage density and selectivity makes double deep selective racking an excellent choice for distribution centers in a variety of industries.
  3. Faster pallet handling time: Increasing the number of pallet positions while decreasing the number of aisles allows for faster pallet access and delivery. This type of racking solution is straightforward and can be configured to meet throughput requirements while minimizing access barriers, resulting in a more streamlined pallet handling dynamic. 
  4. Reduced product and pallet damage: This type of racking solution reduces product and racking damage by minimizing forklift and work movement while accessing pallet positions throughout the warehouse. Double deep selective racking protects products on the racking system’s inside while reducing pallet accessibility and maximizing warehouse square footage utilization.

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