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Best Laptop for 2022

best gaming laptops 2022,Best Laptop for 2022 . 

How do we find the right laptop for us? Price, performance, 15", 17", autonomy, weight... Fortunately, these devices are designed to meet a type of profile and use.

Thus, we can identify four segments for the laptop market: those for multimedia, those for office use, those for video games, and finally, those for frequent travel. Needless to say, each of these profiles includes strengths and weaknesses.

ASUS Transformer Mini

The great thing about office PCs is that they are generally entry-level devices. This means that if your goal is simply to do some word processing, surf the Internet or check your e-mails, you can find the right laptop for you on a small budget.

In this category, opt for the Transformer Mini by Asus and its 10.1-inch screen. The strength of this laptop is its mobility based on its lightweight (less than 800 grams), but also, especially its price. Indeed, the device is already accessible under the €400 mark. And as for performance, the 4 GB of RAM and the Intel Atom of this computer will be sufficient for the office automation you are looking for.

Asus Rog

In contrast to computers designed for office use, gamer PCs rely on (very) high performance to ensure perfect fluidity during frenzied games. In the case of a laptop, mobility allows gamers to meet up to play games altogether (the "LAN"), or simply to play on public transport. So nomadism is still important.

To fulfill this office, go back to Asus with the ROG GL703VD-GC028T: it includes everything you need to run even the most demanding video games. A 17.3-inch screen and an NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card, accompanied by 8GB of dedicated memory, is enough to prove it. The processor can be an i5 or i7 depending on your desires and budget, and the RAM can range from 8 to 16 GB.

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HP 17-BS032NF

Laptops designed for multimedia have some points in common with those dedicated to video games. Indeed, they need a sufficiently powerful processor, RAM memory, and graphics card. But this need is less ubiquitous than for desktop PCs. Thus, we can consider these computers as a compromise between the two previous categories. Moreover, their large screens make them more sedentary, for the benefit of impeccable image quality.

For this category, choose the HP 17-BS032NF. In addition to the 17.3-inch screen, you can count on its Intel Core i3 processor (2.0 GHz) and 8 GB of RAM to ensure the smooth running of all your audio and video editing software.

Dell XPS

The name says it all: mobile laptops are made to go anywhere. In this category, large screens are not so much in demand, but lightness and unlimited autonomy are.

For this, you should choose the XPS 29WKT from Dell. This device is a real featherweight at 1.22 kg with 12-hour battery life. And above all, its 13-inch screen hides an Intel i5 or i7, depending on your needs. In a word, quality in all lightness!


This is obviously just a small sampling of all that the world of laptops has to offer. But for each category, you'll now have a technique for locating the right devices, as well as a perfect example to illustrate it. Keep in mind that by following this method, you're sure to be satisfied with your new purchase.

What you need to know about laptops:

How to spot a high-performance laptop?

Processor, RAM memory, and graphics card are the first components to keep in mind for a gamer or multimedia PC. For other uses, it all depends on what you want to do with your computer.

How to choose a laptop screen?

In addition to the diagonal, which is expressed in inches, you should pay attention to the resolution. This will directly affect multimedia or games.

When to choose a laptop?

It's a compromise between a tablet, which is less efficient, and a fixed PC, which is more cumbersome. If you need to perform operations that require a minimum of performance, choose the laptop.

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