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erc eligibility

Check ERC Eligibility & All You Need To Know About ERC

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The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a tax credit that is 100% refundable and provides financial assistance to firms affected by the epidemic. Eligible employers can claim up to $7,000 per person as a prize for keeping their permanent staff. But who is eligible? Well, here, you can discover all of the information you need to learn about ERC eligibility and the elements that influence it. Besides, we will make you familiar with the best ERC specialists

Ways To Check ERC Eligibility

The first thing you must know about ERC eligibility is that it has evolved. So, if in case you have applied for the ERC before and failed to clear it, don't feel disappointed. There have been amendments in the ERC that have loosened the qualification criteria for small businesses. 

 Now, every small business employer can apply for the ERC, and once they qualify, they can receive the credit amount. With that said, let's know more about it. 

 There are three paths to the ERC credit.

Full Or Partial Suspension- 

The first and the most applicable condition to the ERC is this one. You can apply for the credit if your business has been suspended fully or partially during 2020. 

The condition applies to all small businesses with less than 500 employees.

Gross Receipt-

 Your business becomes eligible for the credit if you have a greater than 20% declination in gross receipts for any quarter in 2021 than the same quarter of 2019. But to qualify for that, you must check on a quarter-by-quarter basis. 

Supply Chain Distribution-

 This is the third way that you can check to apply. It was not included at the beginning of the programs, so if you see the mention of it, don't be surprised. 

Supply chain disruption can be caused due to anything from delayed supplies, changes in products, alterations in packaging, etc.

 For instance, many restaurants could not get certain types of meat, paper towels, or carryout boxes during the pandemic. Delivery companies were not able to get truck parts or scanners. Hotels could not receive furniture, towels, and sheets because ports were shut down, which halted renovation plans. These impacts can qualify a small business for the ERC sum irrespective of revenue gain or loss.

The Relation Of PPP And ERC

Employee Retention Credit and PPP were initiated by the government simultaneously. But the difference is most employers have claimed the PPP loan compared to the ERC. Lack of awareness and some legal conditions about the ERC have caused this difference. 

 For a long while, the employers who have claimed the PPP loan were not eligible to claim for the ERC. But as a result of the changes, now you can. However, you have to leave the wages you have calculated for PPP. 

 That is all. Now, what do you think about the ERC? Do you want to apply for it? Or are you considering claiming both the PPP and ERC? In any case, you can visit the website of Claimer Ccredit— the best ERC Specialists. They provide the best ERC and PPP consulting services for all employers who want to benefit from these programs. 


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