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The computer needs an antivirus program to protect its data and other apps from various threats. New PCs have inbuilt security tools that can protect the system from various malware. But cyber threats are increasing day by day. To manage your device's security, you need a good security program that can protect the system from all threats. Antivirus can’t reduce the threats to zero but can minimize them. Using a good antivirus program will help you to use your device without any security concerns.

Top features of antivirus program for PC

Power malware scans

Your device can be infected by viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, etc. This malware can not only corrupt files but can also steal them. Some malware can monitor all your activities on the system. To protect your device from malware, antivirus offers powerful scans. You should run a quick scan every day after completing your work. This scan checks all the vulnerable files and folders of your device. Run a full system scan once a week. This scan can take more than an hour to complete but checks all the files on the device. If the antivirus detects any malware, it immediately removes the malware and shows a report to you.

Real-time scanning

This is a very powerful and unique feature of antivirus. It scans the device in real time. Whenever a new file appears or you run any program, the antivirus checks them in real time. If any virus or another malware tries to enter, the antivirus immediately detects and removes it. You may get this feature only on premium antivirus programs. Use the norton internet security product key and get a premium antivirus for the system. The real-time scanning feature also scans external devices like flash drives, etc.

Browser protection

For all internet users, this is a necessary tool for net surfing. When you search anything on the internet, you can see hundreds of results pages. Meanwhile, all the pages are not secure. Accessing an insecure page can cause various damage to the security and data. To make your searches safe, antivirus provides browser protection tools. This tool checks all the result pages before loading them on your screen. Using this browser protection tool, you can easily access secure pages. In case you click on any unsecured page, the tool will block it and show a warning message.

Behavior-detection tool

New threats can appear anytime. When a new threat appears, the antivirus team provides an update. Meanwhile, if the malware appears on the device before the update, your antivirus can’t detect it. But if your antivirus has a behavior-detection tool, it can identify the threat immediately. This tool detects the threats from its behavior. If the incoming traffic acts maliciously; the antivirus will block it whether its information is available on the virus chart or not.

Parental Control

This is an additional tool but a very helpful feature of the antivirus. If you have children at home; secure their devices using parental control. Nowadays most teenagers have phones or laptops. They can easily access the internet and get study and entertainment material. However, the internet is not a fully safe place for kids. If you want to keep your kids safe, use parental control. Using this tool, you can easily block inappropriate sites like adult sites on your kids’ devices. You can also monitor the search history and other activities of your kids. In some parental control tools, you can also set the timings for the internet. In a phone device, you can locate your kids’ geographical location.


A firewall is a good network security tool. Using a firewall can protect your network from hackers and other online threats. This tool creates an extra layer of protection for your network. The firewall actively monitors all the data packets on your network. If any malware enters the network, the firewall detects and removes it. You should always enable your firewall while using the internet. People sometimes disable the firewall while streaming content from illegal sites as the firewall shows a warning message or blocks the site. These sites can be very dangerous to access. If your firewall is showing a warning message then you shouldn't access it.

Password Manager

People use dozens of online accounts today. From SNSs to banking; we create lots of accounts. To keep the account secure, we use a password. But keeping passwords secured is not easy. People often use their DOB, last name, 124567, or any simple password that is easy to remember. But these types of passwords are easy to guess. Hackers can find your password and steal your information. To prevent your account, you must use unique passwords that are difficult to guess. Meanwhile, creating and remembering unique passwords is not easy. For this task, use a password manager. This tool can create and save your passwords. Once you save the password, you don’t need to remember it. Whenever you need your password, use the password manager. You can find all your passwords using one key.

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Virtual Private Network or VPN is a popular tool among gamers and streamers. However, it is also one of the best tools for security. As you know, access to public networks is not secure. Everyone can access public networks, even hackers. If a hacker is on the same network as yours, he can easily enter your device and cause harm. If you are connecting your device to a public network; enable VPN. This tool immediately masks your IP address on the network. You can use this tool while making online payments or accessing crucial data. VPN also allows access to data that is not available in your location. You can set VPN to another location and stream the content easily.

Data shredder

A data shredder is a unique tool to prevent data theft issues. This tool is very helpful in shared devices. When you delete any data from the system; it doesn’t remove it permanently. You can use data backup tools to retrieve that data. Hackers often use these types of tools to recover information you have deleted from the system. To delete the data permanently, you can use a data shredder.

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