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Difference Between Standard and High-End Wedding Photography Packages

wedding photography rates Singapore,wedding videography Singapore . 

You do more than simply pay for some shots and visuals when you hire wedding photography and wedding videography Singapore. You are paying for a range of services they offer, from the first point of contact to the last print delivery. You may take advantage of their packages to get excellent service and beautiful pictures.

Standard wedding photography package:

All the essentials for documenting the day's major moments are included in a typical wedding photography package. What is commonly included in a basic package is as follows:

  • 6 to 8 hours of footage, including photographs, the ceremony, the getting-ready of the couple, and some reception coverage
  • Travel within a particular radius of the wedding venue
  • A certain number of digital pictures per hour, often between 50 and 100
  • Simple editing for a unified look
  • The ability to purchase prints and albums directly from the photographer, as well as printing rights to the photographs

Package for high-end wedding photography:

A luxurious wedding photography rates Singapore will consist of even more so that nothing is overlooked during the process. As an alternative, you might be able to customize your own experience by adding upgrades to a base package.

Usually, a premium or high-end photographic package will contain the following:

  • 8–10 hours of coverage are needed to document the hours leading up to the ceremony as well as the full event and reception
  • Another shooter
  • Travel within a particular radius of the wedding venue
  • A certain number of digital pictures per hour, often between 50 and 100
  • Simple editing for a unified look
  • A collection of prints and a specially created album
  • The photographs' printing rights as well as the choice to purchase additional prints from the photographer
  • A pre-wedding session for engagement photos

How much should you pay the wedding photographer?

You'll probably give the photographer a deposit to secure the date, and you'll pay the balance just before the wedding. But what payment methods do photographers accept? 

The following are the most typical choices, and your photographer will probably take at least a few of them:

Credit Card: 

You may usually use your credit card to make a payment to the photographer online.


Photographers can take cash to avoid credit card transaction costs. Simply be sure you get a payment receipt.


Photographers are grateful that checks avoid credit card costs, but they might feel that accepting checks is too hazardous.


Paying them as a company provides further security, so make sure you do that.

Bank Transfers: 

Allowing bank transfers is another method your photographer may avoid paying credit card costs. For these transactions, payment management sites often charge less.


Several photographers have started using Venmo for payments. To receive extra protection, you'll need to treat it like a commercial transaction, similar to how Paypal does.

How to Question Your Photographer's Pricing:

It's acceptable to discuss finances with your photographer. As they are aware that you are making a significant investment, they want you to be happy with your choice.

The greatest inquiries to pose to your photographer are listed below:

  • What exactly does your photographic package include? When making a reservation, this should be specified in a quote and contract.
  • How much do more hours and other improvements cost?
  • What additional costs should I budget for?
  • How much do prints and albums cost, and do I get the rights to reproduce my photos?
  • Can I buy extra digital pictures?
  • Are there special rates available for weekday or off-peak weddings?
  • Does the price change if the wedding is smaller? – Regardless of the number of guests, photographers normally charge the same rate. The only exception is if they provide a limited-time elopement package.
  • Do you have a travel fee?


Budget for wedding photography because it is a necessary expense for your special day. You may rest easy knowing that your photos are in good hands and that future generations will be able to appreciate the memories you've shot.

So, be aware that your photography is one of the most valuable components of your wedding budget, regardless of whether you choose a master-level professional or an economical student photographer.

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