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edwardian doors

Edwardian style – a typical English trend in architecture

This era is shrouded in nostalgic memories of "good old England", with its moral values ​​and leisurely measured way of life. The style of architecture that gained immense popularity during this period was named after the monarch - Edwardian.

A characteristic feature of this direction is eclecticism. It combines the romance of the Victorian style, the assertiveness of the fast-paced Art Nouveau and the classical elements of Gregorian architecture.

Edwardian doors

A memorable touch of modernity in the Edwardian style is graceful glazed paneled front Edwardian doors. Often, Masonic symbols carve on wood or stone, and the glass decorate with stained-glass windows. Often these magnificent doors are adjacent to an elegant wooden veranda, uniting in a single stylistic composition.

Living room and hallway

Decorating a classic Edwardian fireplace is a song frozen in wood. Curved smooth lines, skillful carving, inlay with semi-precious stones - all this magnificence attracts the eye and fascinates.

A mirror polished natural wood floor is a hallmark of an Edwardian home. The beauty of the internal structure of the tree resembles a painting by a famous artist that can view endlessly. Magnificent Persian carpets spread in the rooms create an atmosphere of comfort and luxury.

Decorating a Living Room

The advent of electricity and gas in homes made it possible to abandon the use of candles and stove heating. This fact made it possible to cover the walls with light wallpaper and paint in white. The influence of Art Nouveau reflect in the appearance of floral ornaments and floral motifs on the wallpaper.


The presence of a bathroom in the Victorian era was a symbol of poverty, because the rich people of that time could afford to have many servants who brought hot water directly to their owner's room. With the advent of the 20th century, such conventions have sunk into oblivion.

The bathroom has become familiar and necessary. Elements of the neo-Gregorian direction organically woven into the Edwardian style. Large casement windows let in the maximum amount of natural light.

Bright living room

Bay windows and pilasters, characteristic of the Gregorian style, effectively highlight the discreet luxury of the Edwardian house. High ceilings and light walls allow you to focus on the interior decoration.


Your own small garden is an indispensable attribute of good taste. Perfect clear lines of flower beds perfectly combine with wicker furniture for relaxation.

Hall and terrace

As already mentioned, the Edwardian style is very eclectic. Therefore, furniture of other directions and styles looks to the place in the interior. For example: baroque and rococo chairs and armchairs.

Electric lighting came into general use during the time of King Edward. A variety of lamps have replaced candles and kerosene lamps. Fringed lampshades in a variety of colors have become an indispensable attribute of the interior of an Edwardian house.

Table lamp

Currently, the Edwardian style is once again on the wave of popularity. It is close to everyone who loves space and abundance of natural light. Modern architects draw ideas from the house builders of that era. In particular, they use high ceilings and skylights to create an additional volume of air and light.

Source: secure-house.co.uk

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