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Many organizations have Employee Recognition Software programs that fail to accomplish the expected results. It becomes easy for employees to lose inspiration after getting rewards for achieving the same job for months. Employee Recognition can be instrumental in motivating employees.

Creating an Employee Rewards program fitted to your company doesn't have to be complicated.

Steps to help you start!

Set clear goals for your Employee Recognition and Rewards program

Understanding the objectives to curate a recognition program of your choice is essential. For instance, what outcomes do you want to get out of this program? The objective must align well with your company's policies and workplace culture.

While some Rewards programs are management-driven, and others are more employee-oriented. It depends on you to ensure you strike the right balance.

Set Optimized Budget

Expensive rewards might motivate employees to finish their tasks quickly and precisely, but this might be more harmful.

No one can deny the fact that recognition is good for the Employees and the organization, allocating a company budget still seems to be a stressful topic for HR.

According to Deloitte, companies with Employee Recognition Software have 31% lower voluntary turnover.

A recent study found that while some companies spend 10% of their payroll on employee recognition, the average budget appears to be 2%. Your response to the budget allocation depends on your goals for your recognition program.

Once the budget is finally allocated and identified, you should be aware of it and set a realistic and reasonable reward budget.

Sit down with your finance/accounting team and calculate a budget your company can afford for such a program annually. And the best thing about such a program is that you don't always have to spend money on such things. Gift vouchers, gift cards, or a good parking lot can also help.

Form A Committee

To moderate and manage the workings of such a program, you must form a committee of HR leaders, manager-level employees, and a few other people with good authority.

The committee can help you with:

  • Creation of awards/badges
  • Creation of new reward types
  • Promotion and Adoption of the Program

Establish policies

Any effective Employee Empowerment program operates on a set of criteria. Establishing core values ​​is essential to keep the program fair and unbiased.

Here are a few side notes to keep in mind when creating the criteria/guidelines:

  • Be fair
  • Be transparent
  • Measures should benefit everyone.

Identify Employee Rewards and Recognition software.

Employee Recognition Software

No matter how traditional your reward system is, a little technology never hurts anyone. In fact, R&R platforms and software can help you create, manage, implement and drive the program the way you want.

Today, the HR tech field has a wealth of tools to offer. However, selecting the one that fits your needs and integrates well into your company structure is nothing more than locating a needle in a haystack.

The best thing you can do is keep looking, do several product demos, and then decide what best suits your needs. The ambition is to find a holistic solution that will help you in the short and long term.

Talk to your employees:

After creating/installing Workforce Engagement Software, you must make your employees aware of the initiative and record their responses to your program.

Once your employees understand the program and how it works, they will be encouraged to improve their performance.

Managers can play a vital role in implementing any reward and recognition system. According to Gallup, 28% of the most notable recognitions come from an employee's manager.

Maintain and repeat the R&R program

Everything needs maintenance, as does your "pristine" rewards and recognition program. However, it's not just about maintenance; it's also about improving for the betterment. That means coming up with more innovative recognition ideas to keep the workforce fun.

Define the frequency of the rewards, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. You become part of the company culture only when the program runs for extended periods.


"Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all necessary." - Margaret Cousins.

Employee recognition and reward is a system that ensures engagement and productivity in an organization in both extrinsic and intrinsic ways. Earlier, employee recognition was only praised when getting the outcome or after a specific tenure.

But today, it is concentrated more on performance. Recognizing employees for their efforts builds a happy and engaged workplace culture. While there are many ways to put the recognition mechanism into motion, one leading is your office culture.

Saying "Thank You" is a good way, but it's not enough. Successful Employee Recognition and rewards program can only be run in an organization that advocates the recognition of top performers.

You can begin an employee appreciation program that fosters organizational values ​​and makes work more human with an employee recognition platform. This will become the foundation of employee engagement, continuous development, and retention strategy for the future.

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