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Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log: Detailed Technical Guide

Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log,Point of Sale Application Log Error,QBPOSSHELL has Stopped Working,QuickBooks Point of Sale has Run into a Problem,QuickBooks POS License Manager Initialization Error . 

QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) is an extremely versatile point-of-sale accounting solution for small retailers & it is widely used across the world due to its highly user-friendly features.

However, many users have come across an error called ‘Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log’ at the time of launching this application & it severely disturbs their work schedule.

This blog will perfectly explain the relevant step-wise resolutions for this troublesome technical issue.

Are you disturbed due to a 'Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log'? You can dial 1.855.738.2784 to connect with our QB Experts Team for help.

What Are the Reasons That Trigger ‘QBPOS Application Log Error Message’?

The ‘QBPOS Application Log Error Message’ strikes on the screen due to the reasons listed here:

  • Corruption inside the ‘QBPOS Shell Folder’ can easily provoke this technical problem on the computer.
  • A defective Windows user account & outdated QBPOS application can also trigger this error.

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What Are the Effective Resolutions for ‘Application Log Error in QBPOS’?

You can tackle ‘Application Log Error in QBPOS’ through the step-wise resolutions indicated here:

Resolution 1: Restrict the execution of ‘QBPOS Shell’ & fully rename the ‘QBPOS Shell Folder’ to remove this issue

  • First & foremost, carefully tap the ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ keys to get the ‘Task Manager’ window & then you will reach the ‘Processes’ tab on that window so that you can identify & select the ‘QBPOS Shell’ option on the screen.
  • Thereafter, simply hit the ‘End Task’ button to stop the execution of ‘QBPOS Shell’, and then you will shift to the ‘C: drive’ on the computer so that you can access the ‘Intuit’ folder saved inside it.
  • Next, just launch the ‘QBPOSShell.exe_URL’ folder with the most recent modification date, following which you shall only need to right-click on the ‘user.config’ file’s icon.
  • Now, by easily choosing the ‘Rename’ option, you can assign a fresh name to this file as per the following example: ‘user.configoldupmp.’
  • Afterward, just by tapping the ‘Enter’ key, you can save the fresh name attached to this file & then you can proceed forward to successfully launch the QBPOS application.

Resolution 2: Establish a fresh Windows admin user account & then utilize it to access the QBPOS application

  • Here, you must hit the ‘Start’ menu on the Desktop & then you should select the ‘Settings’ tab, after which you need to strike the ‘Accounts’ option immediately.
  • Next, once you select the ‘Family & Other Users’ tab, you can effectively strike the ‘Add someone else to this PC’ & the ‘I don’t have this person’s sign-in information’ buttons successively.
  • Thereafter, easily choose the ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account’ button, and then you can type a valid username & password for the new Windows user account.
  • After that, carefully strike the ‘Change account type’ button and then assign the ‘Administrator’ option on the window so that the new Windows user account has all the admin rights.
  • Finally, utilize the new Windows admin user account & then easily log into your QBPOS application on the system.

By implementing the resolutions given above, you can easily tackle the ‘Error Initializing QBPOS Application Log’. For more help, dial 1.855.738.2784 to contact our QB Professionals Team.

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