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Facing Streaming Issues with Netgear Router? Let’s Fix Them!

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Accessing a blazing-fast internet connection is a dream of many. Some of them have fulfilled it by installing a Netgear Nighthawk router using the IP address. But, there seems no point in installing the WiFi router if streaming issues arise after completing the setup process. Mentioned in this post are a few solutions that you need to follow to resolve streaming issues with the WiFi router. But, before everything else, you should restart the router. It will not only kick off network glitches, but will also catalyze the troubleshooting process.

Reboot Router to Fix Streaming Issues

The process of rebooting is also known as power cycling. Some people also know it by the name restarting. But, whatever the name is, the process is all about giving some rest to the WiFi router. The steps to reboot the router are mentioned below:

  1. Unplug the AC adapter of the router from its respective outlet.
  2. Disconnect the LAN cables connected to the router.
  3. Wait for 20 minutes.
  4. Reverse the first two steps.

Now, connect your client devices to the WiFi network of your Netgear Nighthawk router and check if you are still facing problems streaming online content. If yes, then you are advised to pay attention to the techniques mentioned in the next section.

How to Fix Streaming Issues with Netgear Router?

Update the Firmware

There are times when a networking device starts behaving weirdly due to the lack of a latest firmware version. Perhaps, your WiFi router is also in the need of a firmware update. Thus, you should look forward to installing the latest firmware version on the router. For this, access the routerlogin.net URL on an upgraded internet browser. Know that the web address needs to be entered properly. If you type routerlogin net instead of the correct one, you might face issues. Here are the steps that you need to follow after accessing the router login web address:

  • Input the router’s password and click Log In.
  • The Netgear Nighthawk router BASIC Home screen will show up.
  • Find the Management tab and click Firmware Update followed by the same.
  • Select Check Now.
  • Your router will check if a new firmware version is ready to be installed or not.
  • Walk through the on-screen prompts if a new firmware is available.
  • Your router will get updated.

Check the Router’s Placement

Where have you placed your Netgear Nighthawk WiFi router? Have you placed it near a device emitting electromagnetic frequencies or close to a lustrous surface? Wherever it is, you should change the location right away. If possible, try to assign your WiFi router a central location in the house. This will ensure that WiFi signals approach every corner of the house symmetrically. The chosen location is supposed to be airy too. Furthermore, you are supposed to take care of the following points during the relocation process:

  • Ensure that your WiFi router is not kept near heavy electrical appliances like televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, etc.
  • Do not keep the Nighthawk WiFi router near objects containing a large amount of water primarily geysers and fish tanks.
  • Make sure that you place the WiFi router away from mirrors, lenses, glasses, metal doors, aluminum studs, and other metallic stuff.

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if you are facing streaming issues while using your Netgear Nighthawk router. We are being optimistic that you will be able to address the streaming problem with your WiFi router. In addition to taking care of the aforementioned tips, consider keeping a regular check on the LAN connection between the WiFi router and modem. It will help you keep Netgear Nighthawk router login problems a mile away.

Just in case streaming issues are still there, you should not wait to reset the WiFi router to the default factory mode. The Reset button located on the router’s rear panel will help you complete the process. Just press it carefully using a sharp object. Once your router starts flaunting the default factory settings, install it once again using the Nighthawk application or the web GUI method.

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