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FCSS in Security Operations Certification

FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 Dumps . 
FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst exam is one of the elective exams to obtain the FCSS in Security Operations certification. In order to ensure successful completion of this exam, it is highly recommended to avail the latest FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 Dumps from Passcert. These resources are designed meticulously to provide comprehensive knowledge about all the exam objectives. This will not only aid in your exam preparation but also instill the confidence required to pass the exam. By using these FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 Dumps, candidates can gain a thorough understanding of the exam structure and content, thereby increasing their chances of achieving a satisfactory score.
FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 Dumps
The FCSS in Security Operations certification validates your ability to design, administer, monitor, and troubleshoot Fortinet security operations solutions. This curriculum covers security operations infrastructures using advanced Fortinet solutions. We recommend this certification for cybersecurity professionals who require the expertise needed to design, manage, support, and analyze advanced Fortinet security operations solutions. To obtain the FCSS in Security Operations certification, you must pass one elective exam. The certification will be active for two years.

Elective Exams

FCSS - Advanced Analytics Architect 
FCSS - Security Operations Analyst

FCSS—Security Operations 7.4 Analyst

The FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst exam evaluates your knowledge and skills in designing, deploying, and managing a Fortinet SOC solution using advanced FortiAnalyzer features and functions to detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats. This exam tests your knowledge and skills related to configuring FortiAnalyzer SOC features and functions, various FortiAnalyzer deployment architectures, incident handling and analysis, and automation. The FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst exam is intended for security professionals involved in the architectural design, implementation, and monitoring of Fortinet SOC solutions based on FortiAnalyzer.

Exam Details

Exam name: FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst
Exam series: FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4
Time allowed: 65 minutes
Exam questions: 32 multiple-choice questions
Scoring Pass or fail. A score report is available from your Pearson VUE account.
Language: English
Product version: FortiAnalyzer 7.4, FortiOS 7.4

Exam Topics

Successful candidates have applied knowledge and skills in the following areas and tasks:

SOC concepts and adversary behavior

Analyze security incidents and identify adversary behaviors
Map adversary behaviors to MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques
Identify components of the Fortinet SOC solution

Architecture and detection capabilities

Configure and manage collectors and analyzers
Design stable and efficient FortiAnalyzer deployments
Design, configure, and manage FortiAnalyzer Fabric deployments

SOC operation

Configure and manage event handlers
Analyze and manage events and incidents
Analyze threat hunting information feeds
Manage outbreak alert handlers and reports

SOC automation

Configure playbook triggers and tasks
Configure and manage connectors
Manage playbook templates
Monitor playbooks

Share FCSS - Security Operations 7.4 Analyst FCSS_SOC_AN-7.4 Free Dumps

1. Which National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) incident handling phase involves removing malware and persistence mechanisms from a compromised host?
A. Eradication
B. Recovery
C. Containment
D. Analysis
Answer: A
2. You are not able to view any incidents or events on FortiAnalyzer. What is the cause of this issue?
A. There are no open security incidents and events.
B. FortiAnalyzer must be in a Fabric ADOM.
C. FortiAnalyzer is operating as a Fabric supervisor.
D. FortiAnalyzer is operating in collector mode.
Answer: D
3. You are tasked with configuring automation to quarantine infected endpoints. Which two Fortinet SOC components can work together to fulfill this task? (Choose two.)
A. FortiAnalyzer
B. FortiClient EMS
C. FortiMail
D. FortiSandbox
Answer: A, B
4. Which two assets are available with the outbreak alert licensed feature on FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)
A. Custom event handlers from FortiGuard
B. Outbreak-specific custom playbooks
C. Custom connectors from FortiGuard
D. Custom outbreak reports
Answer: A, D
5. Which trigger type requires manual input to run a playbook?
Answer: B
6. Review the following incident report.
Which two MITRE ATT&CK tactics are captured in this report? (Choose two.)
A. Defense Evasion
B. Priviledge Escalation
C. Reconnaissance
D. Execution
Answer: C, D
7. You are managing 10 FortiAnalyzer devices in a FortiAnalyzer Fabric. In this scenario, what is a benefit of configuring a Fabric group?
A. You can apply separate data storage policies per group.
B. You can aggregate and compress logging data for the devices in the group.
C. You can filter log search results based on the group.
D. You can configure separate logging rates per group.
Answer: C
8. Which connector on FortiAnalyzer is responsible for looking up indicators to get threat intelligence?
A. The local connector
B. The FortiClient EMS connector
C. The FortiOS connector
D. The FortiGuard connector
Answer: D

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