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Future Outlook of Bahrain Blood Gas and POC Immunoassay Analyzer Market: Ken Research

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1. The Bahrain Blood Gas and POS Immunoassay Analyser Market are growing steadily.

Bahrain BGA Market Bahrain’s Blood Gas and POC Immunoassay Analyser Market is currently in its growing phase. Increase in the number of private hospitals as well as rise in diseases such as diabetes, respiratory infections, genetic diseases (sickle cell and thalassemia), and cardiovascular disease are key drivers for this industry.  Bahrain hospitals and clinics, as well as developing specialist treatments, are continuously growing. This improved the installation of BGA, IAA and TCM devices over the years. Competition is currently low for POC IAA and TCM, however there are around 6 players in the BGA segment. Competition is high on the basis of product features, device portability, compact size of the device, technical specifications of the device and price of the reagents.

2. The Bahrain Blood Gas Analyser Market is expected to bounce back after the Covid-19 pandemic.

blood gas analyzers in Bahrain

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The market was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by slowing the sales of the reagent, this also corresponds to the less number of surgeries conducted in 2020-2021. However, the market is slowly moving back to normal in the second half of 2021. An increasing number of patients suffering from cancer and chronic diseases are major factor expected to fuel the demand for blood gas analyzers. Surging technological developments and a rising number of product approvals are driving market growth. The market is moving from electrode-based setup to cartridge-based setup or zero maintenance analyzers to avoid order placement for single parameters. Devices such as ABL 90 and 90+ are being preferred. But with this improvement there is a high competition in the market since most players have been working to provide low maintenance, portable, battery operated, cartridge-based, less cartridge-size devices with highly skilled engineers available 24/7 for the service.

immunoassay analyzers market Bahrain

3. The POC Immunoassay Analyser Market is expected to grow in Bahrain.

The automated immunoassay analyzers market is set to flourish owing to the growing shift in trend towards lab automated coupled with the increasing prevalence of infectious diseases. Slow and steady rise in the adoption rate is expected to fuel the market. This is mainly due to the increased demand in the private sector. Industry players are competing on the basis of immunoassay system features, throughput, and menu expansion to capture business share by gaining access to hospitals and laboratories.

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