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How To Create Creative Short Animated Film

How to Create Creative Short Animated Film

Animated Film,Short Animated Film . 

Do you also have memories of watching your favorite Disney movies on winter nights? You may have always wondered how it is possible to create such an epic work of art. Even in the professional world, the power of animation is not unknown. Many popular organizations and companies use animated films to explain, communicate, or tell stories to their target audience. It is mainly because animation grabs the viewer’s attention and simplifies complex topics. But how to create animated content? Working in collaboration with a reliable video animation service providing company can help you solve this puzzle. They have innovative tools, advanced technology, and an experienced team to create professional animated films for your brand.

Lengthy films get boring for the viewers. This is where short animated films create magic. These videos are engaging due to their conciseness and direct message. Therefore, it won’t be an overstatement that short animated films are best at grabbing viewer's attention. A good TV advertising agency can create amazing animated films for you that the viewers would not even want to blink. In this blog, we have broken down animated film creation into simple steps. It will help you understand how this masterpiece comes to life.

  1. Think of a Unique Plot:

Animated films are fun to watch, but quite a challenge to create. The main reason is the plot. An engaging plot requires innate talent, creativity, and keen attention to detail. Always remember, in animation, unique and rare ideas add life to your characters. Avoid repetitive plot ideas that you might have come across.

To identify any problems with your animated film, it is best to put your idea into words as soon as you can. Write down your script using any writing program you like. Now produce as many pieces of concept as you can, to begin the film’s visual aesthetic.

  1. Select an Animated Template:

Everyone doesn’t have enough time to create an animated scene from scratch. Just as easily customizable as any PowerPoint template, there is a large selection of ready-to-edit video templates online. They are designed to fit any project. Whether you want to create compelling animated videos to promote your brand or share amazing explainer videos. You can use these templates to produce short animated films to connect with your target audience.

  1. Animate & Synchronize:

Now is the time to add images, animations, customizable characters, and video footage to the template. Animate all the content using online editor platforms by simply dragging and dropping your animated assets and motion graphics.

Using a good video editor platform will help you synchronize images and videos with each other. By applying animations to every image you can decide how the pictures appear, move, rotate or resize, and how they disappear.

  1. Colour Grading & Correction:

At this step, you need to grade and adjust the colours. Adjust the colour of each shot during colour correction to ensure they match with the shots before and after it. Additionally, make sure that no portion of your photo is very black or overly white.

Now comes the grading of your animated short film. It is the most creative and enjoyable part of the process. Develop a colour palette for the entire film to give it a unique appearance. You can use pastel hues, bright colours, or any colour theme you like.

  1. Add a Voice-over Or Music Track:

A voice-over or a soundtrack that accompanies your animated video increases the attention of your audience. The key is to choose the right music or song. It has a significant impact of your animated film on the viewers. The music will bring every vision to life with just a few clicks. Is your animated film happy? Or is it a sad one? Choose the music accordingly that reflects and sets the mood.

Furthermore, you should also add supporting sounds to your film. These include a ticking clock, an explosion, a whoosh sound for a motion, or applause. It can really take your animated film to another level. Just make sure the timing of these sounds perfectly aligns with what you see!

  1. Share, Publish, & Download Your Short Animated Film:

Congrats on creating an animated short film! It’s time to show it to your audience.

Now you seamlessly upload your video creation on your website, social platforms, Youtube, or any other communication channel. Simply choose between movie mood and slideshow mode. Now export your video presentation as an MP4 movie, and you are good to go!

Wrap Up:

Creating an animated film is a tremendously enjoyable process because it gives you the opportunity to see scenes from your film come to life on paper. Experimentation and exploration is the key to the success of any animated short film.

At Artxfilm, we have years of experience in delivering tales in the form of creating animated films. We have a brilliant team of animators, artists, writers, and musicians. They work in collaboration to produce the best animated short films for clients.


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