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Gigi Hadid

How To Have A Gigi Hadid Look

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Gigi Hadid is the ultimate photogenic center of attraction of all time. Living life as one of the industry’s most in-demand models is an absolute flex when it comes to posing for a camera. Whether it's the red carpet, the runway of any designer, or roaming out on the streets of New York. If you have a closer look at Gigi’s photos you will notice the tactics that she uses for that completely stunning look. 

Gigi is one of today’s most successful models, it is one of the reasons why women all over the world are crazy to look as beautiful as her. She began modeling when she was 2 years old. Not only that but she belongs to a model family as well, including the equally popular sister Bella Hadid and her mother is a model too. Gigi knows how to beautifully carry and mix high fashion and Victoria's Secret like no other. Thus, to nail your look the same as Gigi Hadid keep reading.

Skin Care

Gigi Hadid’s face is always clean and perfect. To get a constant skin complexion like Gigi Hadid, make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. She also avoids applying makeup on a daily basis. Add nutritious diets to your daily routines but that doesn't mean you’ll have to give up on burgers, as she claims. Apply healing and moisturizing products to your skin to keep it hydrated, not to mention the excessive intake of water as well.


The first step to the Gigi Hadid look is to contour your face with cosmetics in her style. Gigi Hadid is still fairly young. She likes to leave her appearance natural to highlight her lovely complexion and freckles. Even if a natural look doesn't always imply makeup free, you can still get beautiful skin and look pretty without it. Gigi Hadid’s makeup artists prefer to highlight her eyes blue-green or her lips but not both at the same time because her features are so open and broad. If you want to learn how to look like Gigi Hadid, focus on creating a healthy and natural glow look. 

Basic Look

The base of a nice post-workout wardrobe is made up of elegant and simple base layers which can perfectly go as a gym outfit as well as for running in a park. This basic outfit doesn't have to look dull at all. Banner logos are one of the most popular sportswear trends. It can be a wonderful way to add edge to an elegant duo of black leggings along with a sports bra.


Gigi Hadid's hair is one of the features that gives her her signature Californian look. She is popular for her gorgeous ash blonde hair with balayage highlights which she does by herself. You can easily recreate the hair look of Gigi Hadid just by not washing them daily to uphold the health and natural shine of your hair. 

She also hydrates her skin by using serums and spraying salt water for even thicker hair. Try applying banana, papaya, or avocado hair masks for your hair to appear like Gigi Hadid’s. Her hair is completely natural and very simple when it comes to recreating them. However, Gigi Hadid has some signature hairstyles as well.

Dress Like Gigi Hadid

Basic and comfy clothes are Gigi Hadid’s signature style outfits. Because Gigi Hadid enjoys athletics and working out, her style is naturally sporty, so women don't have to struggle that much to look like her. She prefers wearing shirts and leggings more than dresses and skirts. 

However, Gigi Hadid Nails are always mandatory with every outfit. She has an impressive nail game, being one of her most noticed styles as well. Mei Kawajiri is responsible for all of Gigi’s amazing mani and has been her go-to nail artist for quite some time now. 

Gigi Hadid prefers neutral colors such as white, black, gray, dark green, navy blue, and more like these. Her event outfits are usually classy and elegant but not particularly surprising or creative enough. On special occasions, Gigi Hadid dresses in fashionable pant suits rather than dresses. Her pantsuits are mostly in bright colors like red and gold. She also likes shirts with wide and deep tank top styles.

Wrapping It Up

Gigi Hadid is a fashion icon for today's youth. She is an internationally recognized model and is partners with the famous Tommy Hilfiger, the Tommy x Gigi brand. Gigi has a large fan base that supports the Tommy x Gigi collection. Her style inspires people, making them curious about her daily outfits. Gigi Hadid has an effect or a unique ability to put on almost anything and make the rest of the world drool after it. Hopefully, the above-mentioned information will be helpful enough for the people inspired by Gigi Hadid to fulfill their desires of dressing like her.

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