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How to Plan Your Student Accommodation New York within Budget

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S..SNew York is the city of dreams. Many people come to this city to fulfill their dreams. Some career-oriented individuals visit here to build their careers. Besides, some students from different parts of the world come to this city to get higher education. Besides, some people come here just for travel purposes.

Higher education is one of the major aspects that allure people towards New York. This is a number one global city, which is why degrees, diplomas, and certificates acquired from here are recognized by employers all over the world. Plenty of universities and colleges in this city provide quality education to international students.

When students get enrolled in a university in New York, accommodation happens to be their utmost requirement. But, since New York is a number one global city, quite obviously, students may get a place to stay at expensive rates. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get student accommodation New York within your budget. There are some methods that you can use to get a place for accommodation at affordable rates about which you will read in this article.

In fact, housing options are available in New York at different price ranges. You are only required to use some techniques to get a residence in this city at the prices, which you could afford easily. There are some online platforms through which you can find student accommodation New york at rates under your budget. Online student accommodation service platforms are the best sources in this regard.

Here are some steps through which you can get accommodation in New York under your budget easily through the aforesaid online platforms.

The Search for Accommodation under Your Budget in New York via Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms

  1. Visit an Online Student Accommodation Service Platform

You are required to visit the website of a student accommodation service platform as a first step. One of the best examples among online accommodation service platforms is “University Living”. On the website of University Living, you get a systematic approach to find places to stay in different cities around the world. Here, you will read the methodology used by University Living, which will help you in understanding how you can get an affordable place to stay in New York using online accommodation service platforms.

  1. Enter “New York” in the Search Box

On an online accommodation service platform, you find a search box in which you need to enter the name of the city where you want to find student housing. Here, you need a student residence in New York, so you are required to enter “New York”. After you do this, you reach a page, which consists of a list of plenty of student properties available in New York.

You see the images and the names of the properties by clicking or tapping which you reach their dedicated pages. Besides, you also see the types of accommodation units available in the properties below their names. Some types include studios, apartments, ensuite rooms, shared rooms, etc.

  1. Check the Details of Student Properties

Student Accommodation Amenities

The next step is clicking/tapping the images or names of different properties and checking their details on their dedicated pages. If you have a specific type of accommodation unit in mind, then you can choose to click/tap the name/image of the property in which it is available. For instance, if you want to get accommodation in student apartments New York, then you should click/tap only on the properties, which have the apartments.

In the details, you will find the amenities available inside the properties, distances from the universities, details of accommodation units available, prices, stay durations, etc.

  1. Filter Your Searches (Optional Step)

You find an option on the websites to filter the searches according to stay duration, room category, amenities, shared/unshared, etc. On the website of University Living, you find this option on the top of properties on the right-hand side of the page. By filtration, you will see the list of only those properties, which offer the amenities and other things needed by you.

On the left-hand side on University Living’s website, you find a dropdown list on the top containing some universities and colleges in New York. By selecting a university or college, you will see those properties first in the list, which are near that university/college.

  1. Use the Comparison Feature

Compare Rent

The platforms like University Living also provide a special comparison feature on their websites. This feature allows you to compare different properties on a single webpage.

As per the steps of University Living’s website, you are required to click the “add to compare” option given. You can add up to four properties to the comparison list. After selecting the properties that you want to compare, you need to click the “+” option on the bottom right side of the page. The names of your selected properties will display to you. By clicking the “compare” option below them. A dropdown list of universities and colleges will display to you. So that distances from the properties could be compared.

After completing this step, the prices, amenities, distances of properties due to which students get time for studies, etc. from your selected university will be displayed of all the properties on a single page in the tabular format.

So, you can first get an idea on the pages of properties then you can compare them easily. Through this way, you can easily find which property is best for you as per your budget.

Summing Up: A Few Other Ways

You can also use the mobile apps of student accommodation service platforms to find budget-friendly accommodation in New York. You can also choose shared student accommodation New York. So that you could divide your rent with other occupants and get a residence within your budget. You can also look for properties with fewer amenities since you may get housing at low prices inside them.

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