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Is Pep One of the Greatest Managers of All Time?


Pep is well on his way to winning three more Premier League titles, which would put him ahead of Fergie, Wenger and Jose Mourinho combined.

Pep introduced what is known as the 'box midfield' approach when Erling Haaland arrived in 2021-22, prompting some to believe he had overthought his approach but ultimately it has proven its success.

1. He’s a great coach

Pep is an exceptional coach who knows exactly how to get the most from his players. His vision and strategy are consistently and effectively implemented while building trust within his team is of equal importance.

Pep created an aesthetically pleasing brand of football during his time at Barcelona that won over fans across the world. He achieved this through the technical ability of his players while establishing a culture of critical self-analysis and passing excellence.

He also instilled a mentality of playing with purpose - attacking from deep and counterpressing when necessary. This approach has paid dividends at City, who have cruised through this season's Premier League competition without breaking a sweat.

Pep makes his teams work harder for him by making sure they are fit and well-prepared. He often devotes two hours each day discussing positional details of his system with individual players.

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2. He has a great team

Pep has assembled one of the greatest teams ever assembled at a Premier League club. His inaugural season as Manchester City manager saw them claim four trophies, including both Premier League and Carabao Cup crowns.

He has since added two more trophies - Premier League and FA Cup titles in his second season at Etihad Stadium - and is in pursuit of making it three consecutive wins as his side work towards another Champions League appearance and domestic Grand Slam success.

His team's style of play is heavily influenced by tiki-taka, the tactical system created by Johan Cruyff. This can be seen through their retention of possession using short passing and prioritising players adaptability in midfield (blurring forwards and midfielders) while remaining possession-oriented. Guardiola has made such style difficult to counter; but, even with all their dominance on the pitch, there remain critics off it.

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3. He’s a great manager

Pep's charismatic leadership style earned him many plaudits and awards during his first two spells at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, but many doubted whether his ideas would work in the Premier League. When he arrived at Manchester City for his latest stint as manager, many began questioning whether Pep would continue this same style.

Pep never wavered from his principles and continued winning trophies with an underachieving team under previous managers, turning it into one of the greatest club sides ever seen on a football pitch.

He supported his players, particularly young ones. When necessary (like Sane and Sterling), he wasn't shy to remove those unsuited for his team (such as Sane). He was decisive and even gave an ode to Sporting Matheus Nunes, one of the world's finest players after an emphatic 5:0 victory - something not many managers do!

4. He’s a great person

Pep is a man of principle. He stands up for what he believes in and will not allow himself to be bullied by anyone. Pep is both Capricorn and an Enneagram One with a Nine wing (people of this type have strong moral values and need for structure).

He can be highly critical of himself while setting high standards for others. While he tends to be strict disciplinarian, he can still foster freedom and independence among his players.

Pep's philosophy and tactics center around intelligent player use of the ball and possession-based play. He possesses an in-depth knowledge of the game, prioritizing team organization and player responsibility as key components to success.

He's been able to tailor his style of management to his teams' needs, and they have responded accordingly with great success. His teams have won multiple league titles and cups under him - earning him recognition as one of the greatest managers ever - but what truly distinguishes him is his charismatic and personable character.

Source: يلا لايف _ yalla live 

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