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Make Cardboard Shipping Boxes Stronger and Longer-Lasting

High-quality cardboard shipping boxes

If you're a business owner, you know that shipping boxes are one of the most important parts of your packaging process. You need to make sure that your products arrive safely at their destination and look nice on the other side. The best way to ensure this is by using high-quality cardboard shipping boxes that are strong enough to hold heavy items without breaking down under pressure. However, not all cardboard shipping boxes are created equal—some simply don't stand up well against moisture, while others can become brittle with age due to chemicals found in corrugated material itself (such as polypropylene). For your cardboard shipping boxes to last as long as possible without breaking down under normal use conditions and everyday wear-and-tear from handling goods during transit between carriers...

Use High-Quality, Heavy-Duty Corrugated Boxes

The first thing you need to do is use high-quality, heavy-duty corrugated boxes. These are the ones that have a minimum of 1/8 inch of corrugation and can hold up to 200 pounds (100 kg). You also want to make sure they have a 1/16 inch or even 1/32 inch of corrugation. This will help them last longer and be stronger than standard cardboard shipping boxes!

Apply a Water-Based Tape

A water-based tape is a great option because it's more flexible and durable. It also doesn't leave residue, so there's no chance of your box tearing as you pull the tape off later. This type has a lower environmental impact than other kinds of adhesives, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

Add a Second Layer of Tape

Next, you'll want to add another layer of tape. For this step, we recommend using water-based tape that has been designed specifically for cardboard packaging. This will ensure that your box can handle heavy loads and won't tear easily.

If you're using thick cardboard or thick paper (like poster board), then we recommend using heavy-duty tape—this type of tape is tougher than standard packing tape and can withstand greater stress on shipping boxes. Heavy duty packing supplies are not cheap but they should last much longer than standard packing supplies in terms of strength and durability.

Double up on cardboard.

If you want to get the most out of your cardboard shipping boxes, use a double layer. Just like with other materials, there are two ways to go about this:

  • Use two layers of corrugated cardboard. This will give your box more strength and durability than one thick layer would provide. It's important not to stack them up too high because they can easily topple over if not supported correctly (which is why we recommend using simple storage baskets instead).

  • Use double-thick corrugated cardboard on top of standard thicknesses—this will make sure that your shipment doesn't get damaged while in transit!

Use a Rigid Box with Reinforcing Strips.

If you're using a rigid box, you can add reinforcing strips to increase the strength of your package. A simple way to do this is by adding some duct tape along each side of the box (or wherever else there's space). This will give your shipping box more rigidity and prevent it from sagging under its weight when filled with fragile items like glassware or food products.

If you're looking for even more protection against damage at shipping time. Consider adding cardboard inside each end panel of your shipping container so. that any pressure from being stacked high won't cause damage or creasing throughout your whole shipment.

There are several ways to increase the strength of cardboard shipping boxes to prevent them from collapsing during the shipping process.

There are several ways to increase the strength of cardboard shipping boxes to prevent them from collapsing during the shipping process.

  • Use high-quality, heavy-duty corrugated boxes. These boxes are designed to withstand repeated use and abuse, making them ideal for packing fragile items such as electronics and glassware. They also offer plenty of space for a more generous cushioning material (such as bubble wrap) that will help protect your product against damage during shipping.

  • Apply a water-based tape or double up on cardboard by adding another layer before sealing it shut with an airtight sealer like plastic wrap or tape. This method helps keep moisture out while keeping oxygen in so that your product doesn't dry out too quickly. Then transported via plane/boat/truck etc.Which could cause it's contents inside become brittle due lack oxygen being introduced into its core elements over time - leaving little hope for repair!

Cardboard Shipping Boxes Stronger

  • Use high-quality, heavy-duty corrugated boxes.

  • Apply a water-based tape.

  • Add a second layer of tape and double up on cardboard.

  • Use a rigid box with reinforcing strips to make your shipping box stronger and longer lasting!


Overall, the biggest factor that affects a cardboard box's strength is its weight. If you want your package to arrive safely and in one piece, it's important to select the heaviest-duty shipping boxes available from your supplier. You can also add extra layers of tape or a rigid box with reinforcing strips by punching holes through both sides of each shipment item. This will help strengthen it against any potential damage during transport and make sure everything arrives intact! Our company papa packaging Boxes use the best cardboard box material which is 100 per cent secure during shipping. We can assure you that your products will reach you in perfect condition. Our cardboard box provides the highest quality and durability of any printing paper on the market.

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