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Personalised Essays vs Customised Essays – Complete Guide

Personalised Essays vs Customised Essays . 

Have you ever heard the terms personalised and customised separately and got confused about whether they are the same or different? Most commonly, it is used by service providers such as custom dissertation writing service.

According to professional essay writers, personalised and customised essays are two distinct types of writing used interchangeably, but they have distinct differences.

What Is A Personalised Essay?

A personalised essay is written specifically for an individual, taking into account their unique characteristics, experiences, and perspectives. It is mainly used in college and university applications, where the writer has the opportunity to showcase their personality and qualifications to the admissions committee. Personalised essays are typically written in the first person and are usually more reflective in nature.

Things To Consider While Writing A Personalised Essay

  1. Audience

Who will be reading your essay? It is important to tailor your writing style and tone to the audience you are writing for.

  1. Purpose

What is the main goal of your essay? Is it to showcase your personality and qualifications for college or university admissions? Or is it to express your thoughts and experiences on a particular topic?

  1. Personal Experiences

Personalised essays are often reflective in nature, so it is important to include your own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

  1. Voice

Personalised essays are all about showcasing your unique voice and perspective. Be sure to use language that feels authentic and true to yourself.

  1. Structure

Personalised essays do not have a fixed structure, but it is important to organise your thoughts in a logical and coherent way.

  1. Authenticity

Personalised essays are all about being true to yourself. Avoid exaggerating or fabricating experiences and feelings, as this can be easily detected by the reader.

  1. Be Specific

A personalised essay is all about you and your experiences, so make sure to be specific and clear about the experiences you are mentioning.

What is A Customised Essay?

On the other hand, a customised essay is written to meet the specific requirements of a particular assignment or task. It is often used in academic settings, where the writer is required to meet specific guidelines and adhere to certain formatting and citation rules. Customised essays are typically written in the third person and are often more objective and factual in nature.

Things To Consider While Writing A Customised Essay

  1. Assignment Guidelines

Make sure to thoroughly read and understand the assignment guidelines, including any specific formatting or citation requirements.

  1. Research

Customised essays often require extensive research on a specific topic. Make sure to gather credible sources and use them effectively in your essay.

  1. Tone

Customised essays are often more objective and factual in nature, so make sure to maintain a formal and academic tone throughout your essay.

  1. Structure

Many customised essays have a specific structure that must be followed. Make sure to understand the structure and follow it closely.

  1. Evidence

Customised essays often require the use of evidence and examples to support your arguments. Make sure to use appropriate evidence and cite it correctly.

  1. Analysis

Customised essays often require a deeper level of analysis and critical thinking. Make sure to analyse and evaluate the information you have gathered and present it in a clear and logical way.

  1. Originality

A customised essay is expected to be written from scratch and must be original, as plagiarism is not acceptable.


A personalised essay is all about the writer's unique voice and experiences, while a customised essay is all about meeting specific requirements and guidelines. Both types of essays have their own unique benefits and challenges. Personalised essays allow writers to showcase their individuality and creativity, while customised essays give writers the opportunity to express their skills and knowledge in a specific subject area.

It's important to note that while both are different, they have one goal in common, which is to help students to express their ideas, thoughts, and experiences in an effective and organised way.

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