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Salesforce Data Architect Certification

Salesforce Data Architect Certification Questions [2023] - Tips for Success . 

Are you interested in becoming a certified Salesforce Data Architect? PassQuestion has just released Salesforce Data Architect Certification Questions which are designed to assist you in your exam preparation and enable you to pass with confidence. PassQuestion Salesforce Data Architect Certification Questions are a trustworthy and efficient resource for professionals who are getting ready for the exam. They offer a thorough understanding of data architecture and management on the Salesforce platform, improving your likelihood of success in the exam. Utilizing PassQuestion Salesforce Data Architect Certification Questions, you can efficiently and effectively prepare for the certification exam.

The Data Architect Certification is a credential created for Salesforce professionals who have experience in designing Data Architecture and Management solutions on the Salesforce platform and want to verify their expertise. It is especially important to have working experience with the product for this certification, as it is designed for professionals who can architect solutions for specific customer scenarios.

The Data Architect is intended for architects who already have experience with planning, building, and releasing scalable Salesforce solutions in complex organizations. To pass this exam successfully, you should be familiar with sandbox management, development methodologies, and deploying components through various environments.

Salesforce Certified Data Architect Exam Information

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 105 minutes
Passing score: 58%
Registration fee: USD 400 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
Retake fee: USD 200 plus applicable taxes as required per local law
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. 
References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.
Prerequisite: None

Salesforce Data Architect Exam Topics

The Data Architect exam covers six topics. Data modeling/Database Design and Salesforce Data Management are the areas with the highest weighted percentage at 25% each. Together, they already make up half of the percentage of the certification exam, so it is important to focus on these areas to perform well.

Here are the weight percentages for each topic:
- Data modeling/Database Design: 25%
- Master Data Management: 5%
- Salesforce Data Management: 25%
- Data Governance: 10%
- Large Data Volume considerations: 20%
- Data Migration: 15%

View Online Salesforce Certified Data Architect Certification Free Questions

1. Universal Containers (UC) has implemented Sales Cloud for its entire sales organization, UC has built a custom object called projects_c that stores customers project detail and employee bitable hours.
The following requirements are needed:
A subnet of individuals from the finance team will need to access to the projects object for reporting and adjusting employee utilization.
The finance users will not access to any sales objects, but they will need to interact with the custom object.
Which license type a data architect recommend for the finance team that best meets the requirements?
A. Service Cloud
B. Sales Cloud
C. Light Platform Start
D. Lighting platform plus
Answer: D

2. What should a data architect do to provide additional guidance for users when they enter information in a standard field?
A. Provide custom help text under field properties.
B. Create a custom page with help text for user guidance.
C. Add custom help text in default value for the field.
D. Add a label field with help text adjacent to the custom field.
Answer: A

3. Universal Containers (UC) is going thought major reorganization of their sales team. This would require changes to a large a number of group members and sharing rules. UCs administrator is concerned about long processing time and failure during the process.
What should a Data architect implement to make changes efficiently?
A. Log a case with salesforce to make sharing rule changes.
B. Enable Defer Sharing Calculation prior to making sharing rule changes.
C. Delete old sharing rules and build new sharing rules
D. Log out all users and make changes to sharing rules.
Answer: B

4. Universal Containers (UC) is migrating from a legacy system to Salesforce CRM, UC is concerned about the quality of data being entered by users and through external integrations.
Which two solutionshould a data architect recommend to mitigate data quality issues?
A. Leverage picklist and lookup fields where possible
B. Leverage Apex to validate the format of data being entered via a mobile device.
C. Leverage validation rules and workflows.
D. Leverage third-party- AppExchange tools
Answer: A,C

5. Universal Container require all customers to provide either a phone number of an email address when registering for an account.
What should the data architect use to ensure this requirement is met?
A. validation Rule
B. required Fields
C. Apex Class
D. Process Builder
Answer: A

6. Universal Container (US) is replacing a home grown CRM solution with Salesforce, UC has decided to migrate operational (Open and active) records to Salesforce, while keeping historical records in legacy system, UC would like historical records to be available in Salesforce on an as needed basis.
Which solution should a data architect recommend to meet business requirement?
A. Leverage real-time integration to pull records into Salesforce.
B. Bring all data Salesforce, and delete it after a year.
C. Leverage mashup to display historical records in Salesforce.
D. Build a chair solution to go the legacy system and display records.
Answer: C

7. UC has millions of case records with case history and SLA data. UC’s compliance team would like historical cases to be accessible for 10 years for Audit purpose.
What solution should a data architect recommend?
A. Archive Case data using Salesforce Archiving process
B. Purchase more data storage to support case object
C. Use a custom object to store archived case data.
D. Use a custom Big object to store archived case data.
Answer: D

8. A customer wants to maintain geographic location information including latitude and longitude in a custom object.
What would a data architect recommend to satisfy this requirement?
A. Create formula fields with geolocation function for this requirement.
B. Create custom fields to maintain latitude and longitude information
C. Create a geolocation custom field to maintain this requirement
D. Recommend app exchange packages to support this requirement.
Answer: B

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