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Internet Marketing Training in Dubai

The Best Internet Marketing Training in Dubai With Nlptech

Internet Marketing Training in Dubai . 

Training courses in digital marketing

There are so many positions in digital marketing, but not enough qualified people to fill them! Nlptech offers digital marketing training courses, such as SEO training, Google Adwords training, and Google Analytics training. Nlptech offers digital marketing training courses such as SEO training, Google Adwords training, and Google Analytics training.

In fact, it is not just a digital marketing course but also a comprehensive social media marketing course. Nlptech International's digital marketing courses are comprehensive courses that give you basic knowledge through a combination of several courses. Social Media Skills Social Media Marketing Course

Overview of digital marketing courses

Nlptech College offers a range of Internet Marketing Training in Dubai including SEO training, Google Adwords training, social media training, email marketing training, Google Analytics training and other training programs/modules. Nlptech International's digital marketing course is a comprehensive course that teaches basic social media skills through a blended social media marketing course.

The digital marketing course in Dubai is designed to put the UAE job market first and give you the opportunity to demonstrate your skills in this rapidly growing sector. Compared to the digital marketing courses in Dubai, Nlptech's courses are more practical and professionally oriented.

Learn digital marketing in Dubai and ensure your business is profitable through digital marketing strategies.

Learning outcomes for digital marketing

A course that integrates with the Social Media Marketing course to give you a solid foundation in all aspects of digital marketing.

Learn who to market to and what your marketing messages should be.

Learn smart measurement strategies and best practices and become familiar with the measurement tools used.

Create content that you can use to educate potential buyers, establish yourself as a leader, and build credibility for your business.

The foundation of search engine optimization is to increase traffic for searches that are relevant to your business.

Learn how to use social channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to effectively spread your company's message and grow your business.

Target buyers based on the unique information you share in your public profile.

Optimize conversions and get more leads, more sales and revenue from existing customers.

Develop your email marketing skills and become one of the few emails that actually gets opened.

Digital marketing courses

You can choose from all the digital marketing courses in Dubai. We offer online courses, inbound marketing techniques, case studies, training programs, landing page optimization, and much more.

Who needs digital marketing courses?

Training in SEO, Google Adwords, social media, email marketing, and Google Analytics has become increasingly relevant in recent times due to the changing marketing environment. Our digital marketing training courses respond to the needs of the market.

Sales and Marketing Managers


Recruiters for recent graduates

Graphic designers

IT and technology graduates

Detailed course content

Nlptech offers the best practical and theoretical courses in digital marketing. This training will give you answers to the following questions

How to start digital marketing from home?

What is a digital marketing and why is it important?

What are the benefits of digital marketing?

Why should you choose digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

How should digital marketing be done?

What should I learn first in digital marketing?

Is digital marketing a good choice?

Introduction to digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Common industries where you can find digital marketing jobs

Common digital marketing roles at the beginner/starter level

Marketing basics

Introduction to digital marketing courses

Introduction to customer acquisition funnels

Marketing for customer acquisition and retention

Marketing campaigns and channels

Buyer personas

Value proposition design


Measurement and Metrics

Linking customer buying funnels and measurement strategies

Best practices and measurement strategies for "closing the loop

The current state of measurement technology and tools

Introduction to common marketing metrics


Content marketing

Linking content and customer acquisition

Types of content

Quality vs. quantity

Measuring content marketing

Content marketing techniques

SEO (search engine optimization).

Relevance. Initially Google's good intentions

Choosing keywords

Building links

Technical SEO/on-page

Off-page search engine optimization

Local search engine optimization

SEO techniques

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media as distribution channels

Popular social media platforms

Identifying your target for each social channel

Social media metrics

Technology for social media management

Social media advertising

Search engine marketing - paid search (SEM)

Google Adwords

Keyword research and keyword match types

Campaign creation and naming conventions

CPC bidding and optimization

Paid search measurement

Paid social media

Paid social advertising platforms (landscape)

Audience definition and targeting

Ad types supported


Paid social media metrics

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

User experience and design improvements

A/B and multivariate testing

CRO Metrics

CRO technology

Email marketing

Email broadcasting

Drip email campaigns

Write compelling email copy and subject lines that increase open rates

Email marketing metrics

Email marketing technology

Other digital channels

Online reputation management


Affiliate marketing

Referral marketing

Influencer marketing

Show ads

Modular course content:

Module 1:

Introduction to digital marketing

Why digital marketing?

Components of digital marketing

Segmenting the market

Introduction to SEO

How to get started

Introduction to search engine

The Google revolution

Getting started with on-page components

Types of keywords

Keyword Search

SEO-friendly content strategies

SEO auditing tools

Introduction to off-page SEO

Engagement rate

Search Engine Optimization




Domain Age and Authority

Hosting Options

Design optimization

Module 2:

Google Analytics

Administration / Configuration

Target audience





Google Ads


Search Ads

Show ads

Keyword Planner

Bidding Strategies


Affinity Groups

Conversion tracking

Module 3:

Introduction to Social Media


Audience definition

Engagement strategies

Free posts Paid posts









Email Marketing

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