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5 Ways to Go Bold in Your Old Kitchen 

modern kitchen cabinets . 

Your entire house is prepared, walls are painted, and you have added necessary interior elements throughout your space. But, something seems incomplete, is it?

It is your kitchen. We always tend to create a basic kitchen with minimal functionality and no personality. But did you know going bold in your kitchen can amp up the look of your entire house?

For this reason, we have explained how you can add certain elements to your kitchen to improve its look, such as modern kitchen cabinets, marble floors, etc.

5 Bold Choices for your Kitchen

Here are five bold yet safer kitchen choices that help you improve the look and interior of your kitchen and the entire house. Check how you can remodel your kitchen for better appeal and accessibility.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The first thing that you can do to go bold in your kitchen is add modern kitchen cabinets. Your cabinetry takes up most of the space in your kitchen, and it is the most important component. When you can get this right, you are able to get half of the kitchen’s interior right.

Ideally, most people first decide on the color and pattern of modern kitchen cabinets and then move on to other elements.

For example, if you are taking wooden modern kitchen cabinets with golden hinges and pulls, then you can work around this to set up the interior of the whole kitchen. This would include a white kitchen countertop, white backdrop, and subtle marble flooring. The dining table in your kitchen would also be wooden, and the centerpiece would be golden.

However, that is just an example, and you have multiple other choices for modern kitchen cabinets. You can take cabinets in glossy finish and complement them with glossy flooring and countertop. You can also add open shelves with closed ones for aesthetic appeal. It is also possible to play with colors, such as block modern kitchen cabinets paired with lighter tones.

Bold Furniture

Other than bold modern kitchen cabinets, you can add bold furniture to your kitchen. For example, wooden bar stools that add a bright touch to your kitchen. This can also be a breakfast counter, which is nothing but an extension to your countertop. You can also add colored stools to your breakfast counter.

Other than this, select a unique dining table with royal chairs and a big center table highlighting a golden centerpiece.

Bright Shades

No one said that you couldn’t add bright shades to your kitchen. Of course, we are not suggesting using yellow and red, as you may not use them anywhere in your house. But, you can add brighter shades in parts.

For example, a golden centerpiece to enhance the interior or a royal blue dining table. You can also use blue modern kitchen cabinets paired with a white marble countertop and marble dining table.

Making one element in a bright shade helps it stand out and also accentuates the overall appeal of your kitchen’s interior.

Stainless Steel Fittings

If you are confused with so many options and multiple components in your kitchen, try stainless steel fittings.

First decide on the modern kitchen cabinets, backsplash, furniture, and everything else.

For example, imagine white kitchen cabinets paired with bottom grey cabinets that have stainless steel fittings, including your oven and fridge. Now, the countertop can be a clean marble with either wooden flooring or textured marble flooring. Of course, the backdrop should be white tiles or paint, but you can also use beige with wooden flooring.

To include something extra in your kitchen, use flowers or green plants to make it more lively. Don’t forget to add a colored mat in shades of red, wooden, beige, grey, white, or black. Try to match these tones and don’t go too out of these color tones for this particular setup in your kitchen.

Another variation you can make in the above setup is using stainless steel cooktop and similar taps to match it with modern kitchen cabinets.

Marble Floor and Countertop

The best combination in the list is to use marble for the floor and countertop. It means white marble flooring and white countertop. This is paired with white cabinets and hidden LED lights. You can always use a black countertop to change the tone of the kitchen. However, a single color is also a good choice if you need a minimal but bold kitchen.

It is also possible to make everything white and a royal blue dining table. Just these two colors standing alone but perfectly complement each other. Of course, adding some greenery in both cases is imperative. Find nice matching vases and place green leafy plants in them.

But, remember this choice also means excessive cleaning. With everything white, you may face challenges keeping your cabinets and flooring clean.

You can always plan your kitchen in a bold way. Just keep in mind how you have designed your entire house and based on that select your modern kitchen cabinets. There are so many components that help you make a bold choice and find the right interior aesthetic appeal. From the above discussion, check how you can use these components.

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