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What Educational Fields Will Benefit Me in the Modern Business World?

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Are you currently preparing to study? It's such an exciting time, filled with possibility and potential. Whether you've just finished high school or are a mature-aged student, you've got a whole world of learning in front of you. You might have your heart set on one particular field of study, such as medicine, law or the arts. Or, you might be a touch stumped about the best field of education to engage in. 

If you're wondering which educational fields will benefit you the most in the modern business world, this article will help you decide. You might think, "Should I get an MBA?" or study commerce, communication, finance, or marketing? Well, read on to help make up your mind.

A Master of Business Administration

This postgraduate degree, called an MBA, is almost the gold standard in business qualifications. It is held in high regard worldwide, and it is widely regarded as the preferred qualification for students pursuing a career in business management. Earning an MBA will give you the skills, experience, expertise and standards to help run a modern business. You'll be able to execute business strategies and help to grow or drive the business' success. An MBA can lead to several roles in various business sectors, including finance, tech, healthcare or retail. MBA graduates wind up in roles such as Managing Director, CEO, Senior Manager, and General Manager. 

An MBA is the perfect investment in the next step of your learning. It can add value regarding employability scales, earning potential and the insights you'll gain while studying. You typically need a related undergraduate qualification to undertake an MBA, such as a Bachelor's Degree in something like commerce, economics or marketing.

Bachelor of Business

This is the perfect degree for someone looking to undertake a career in the private business sector. Offered at a variety of tertiary institutions both online and on campus, you'll gain the relevant skills and experience required to work in a business.

You'll study a variety of subjects aimed at giving you the skills required to succeed in business, such as:

  • Blockchain
  • Business information and technology
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Financial planning
  • Global Business
  • Supply chains and logistics
  • Innovation 
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Organizational strategy

This is an excellent choice for a field of study and should set you up nicely for a rewarding career in various sectors.

Bachelor of Business Marketing

This qualification will teach you the fundamentals of business marketing and how business marketing helps companies grow, scale, succeed and flourish. This educational field teaches technical skills such as digital marketing concepts, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content management, and advertising. A bachelor's in business marketing can prepare you for jobs such as marketing officer, marketing manager, SEO specialist or CEO of a marketing agency. 


Study Bachelor of Media and Communication

An undergraduate degree in media and communication prepares you for employment in the modern business world as an external communications, media or internal communication expert. You'll learn the fundamental skills of media management, communication and strategy focused on either business-to-client or business-to-business. You may also learn valuable public relations skills. This is a great option if you're outgoing, good with words and an excellent communicator. You'll be prepared for roles such as a Communications Officer, Communications Manager, Media Advisor or Public Relations expert.

Bachelor of Commerce

This undergraduate degree is another excellent choice to benefit you in the modern business world. You'll learn the fundamental concepts of commerce, financial management, markets and economic growth. You can even specialise in specific areas such as financial planning, strategy or other relevant electives. This field of study will enable you to take on roles such as:

  • Data analyst
  • Corporate finance manager
  • Taxation specialist
  • Economist
  • Financial controller
  • Consultant
  • Stockbroker
  • Investment manager

After this degree, you may be able to work in various modern business settings, such as for a major bank or neo bank, consulting firm, investment fund or even in the non-profit sector as a financial specialist.

A Study Summary

This informative article has covered what educational fields will benefit you in the modern business world. From an MBA to undergraduate degrees in commerce, communications, media and business, these fields of study will set you up for life in the modern private sector. 

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