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SIIT is an online institute model designed to provide Self-Paced Learning and Certification for various Technology courses, including Industrial Training for industry experience.

SIIT - Scholars International Institute of Technology™ is a subsidiary of Scholars Global Tech Corporation® - Platform for Skills and Talent Development.

We offer certified online courses in the fields of Computing, IT and Technical Studies leading to Skills Acquisition and Professional Certification. All courses are tailored to meet individual specific career needs.

Online IT Certificate Programs

Our Mission is to make Technical Education and Certification accessible for career advancement by providing a Flexible, Affordable and Effective E-Learning experience.

We believe that technology education is for everyone and we are committed to making technical education and professional training more accessible, so more people can show off their talents and take their careers to the next level.

We also believe that technology education enhances individual learning, critical thinking and removes educational boundaries towards skill development, career advancement and national development.

We have been recognized and awarded by various organizations for:-
Reputable Courses High-Quality Professional Self-Paced Convenient
Free Tutorials Useful Guidelines and Tips from professionals

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SIIT - Scholars International Institute Of Technology is accredited by American Council of Training & Development - ACTD USA.
ACTD is an independent board established in the United States of America that issued a license certificate from the Secretary of State of New Jersey.
ACTD US provides training development, training programs, supervision of courses and professional programs, accreditation and evaluation service for training institutions and trainers worldwide.
Accreditation by ACTD - American Council of Training & Development


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SIIT - Scholars International Institute Of Technology™

A Subsidiary of Scholars Global Tech Corporation® Platform for Skills and Talent Development.
Recognized for High-Quality IT Professional Training and Technical Certification Courses Online.

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