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What is IT Systems Engineering

IT Systems Engineering or Information Systems Engineering is the branch of engineering that combines computer engineering, computer networking, computer security and electronic engineering for the development and maintenance of computing systems and networks for business communications and management operations. 

The Advanced IT Systems Engineering Course offer a combination of industry in-demand skills and refreshed modules, designed to provide you with the complete skillset highly required in workplaces. 

The Advanced Diploma Program also provides Free Job-Ready Training, which will guide you through CV Building + Job Hunting + Industrial Training and Interview Skills upon completion of exams and certification. 

These modules are available in both Web/PDF and Video Lectures delivered by industry experts and educators suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners. 

All materials are downloadable for offline learning for users with limited internet connection.


Advanced IT Systems Engineering Work Area

What Does An IT Systems Engineer Do: 

1. You handle engineering services and support for IT components and computing systems. 

2. You plan, install, and program IT systems, including the corresponding devices, computers, components, accessories, and even networks. 

3. As an IT engineer, you are also responsible for the power supply, hardware, and software of IT and computing systems.

4. You analyze errors and rectify faults using appropriate measuring and test devices. 

5. OS Installations, repairs and troubleshooting. 

6. Hardware fixes, system software installations and maintenance.

7. IT systems and components general maintenance. 

8. Ensures computer security ranging from anti-virus management to network security.


Advanced IT Systems Engineering Course Outline

Computer Engineering (15 Modules) - 1st Week

Laptop Engineering (10 Modules)  - 2nd Week

CCTV (12 Modules) - 3rd Week

Computer Networking (13 Modules) - 4th Week

Computer Security (11 Modules) - 5th Week

GSM Engineering (9 Modules) - 6th Week


Advanced IT Systems Engineering Study

Duration: 6 Weeks or Study At Your Own Pace 

Format: Web/PDF & Video Lectures 

Exams: OBJ, Theory/Essay/Practice. 

Certification: Advanced Diploma

Job Title: IT Systems and Support Engineer

Job-Ready Training: We will guide you through CV Building + Job Hunting + Industrial Training and Interview Skills upon completion of exams and certification.

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