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    In no event will SIIT be liable to the customer or any third party for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages arising out of the operation of or inability to operate these web pages or website, even if SIIT has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Despite the best efforts of SIIT, errors in web page information may occur. At no time will SIIT take responsibilities for accidental webpage errors. Should SIIT waive any of these terms on an individual basis, this shall not affect the validity of remaining clauses or commit SIIT to waive the same clause on any other occasion.

    Scholarship Terms The Scholarship offer is a discount program to take the online training/certification valued at $70 USD for a reduced fee of $7 USD, equivalent to 90% Scholarship. We do not offer incentives, bursaries or upkeep or any form of financial reward based scholarship, these are not part of our offers.

    Online Lectures Terms Our Mission is to make Tech Education/Certification accessible towards career advancement. In taking our Online Lectures, you agree that Study Materials are offered for FREE under Fair Use License. Our use falls under the Teaching and Scholarship category and payment are made ONLY for exams and certification. More Information Available Here: https://uri.libguides.com/fairuse/fairuse and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_use.

    Online Exams Terms In attempting our Online Exams, students must choose their own exam supervisor in order to add credibility to the certificate that will be issued upon successful completion of online exams. SIIT is therefore not liable for online examination written without third party supervision. There are no special criteria for the supervisor. The supervisor should be used to see that you do not cheat. (e.g. your boss or teacher or clergy). Certificates of completion will be emailed upon successful completion of course program and online exams. You can easily print out from your email or order for print copy to be shipped to your physical address with a shipping fee.

    Online Certification Terms Our Certificate falls under the category of Certification of Completion known as Diploma, widely accepted for documenting and showcasing knowledge/skill gain for career advancement. The certification we offer on courses under Microsoft Technologies, CISCO Technologies, Oracle Technologies and SAP Technologies are Certification of Completion ONLY and are NOT equivalent to certifications from respective certifying bodies, and we are NOT in any way affiliated with these certifying bodies.

    Terms Agreement You must agree to our terms before using any of our services and By agreeing to these terms and conditions your statutory rights are not affected. SIIT reserves the right to alter prices displayed on the website at any time without prior notice. If a client has availed any services from SIIT prior to a change in prices, that shall not be subject to any increase, but any subsequent services may be subject to an increase (unless otherwise agreed to with the client in the terms agreed to between client and SIIT). We do not have a refund policy for our type of service as portal shared and information accessed cannot be retrieved. SIIT reserves the right to change or modify any of these terms or conditions at any time.

    Should clarification of any of the above be required, please contact us.

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The Scholarship offer is a discount program to take our Course Programs and Certification valued at $70 USD for a reduced fee of $7 USD. - Offer Closes Soon!!

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