SIIT Industrial Training

Internship Program

What is Industrial Training
Industrial Training is on the job training or before the job training designed to provide technical skills, work ethics and industry experience in a course field or course program.
You must have heard about internships or industry experience, which takes about 3 - 6 months to complete or sometimes even more. Industrial Training or Internship is the organized way of improving and enhancing knowledge and skill set of both students and graduates in a particular field of study to properly position them and prepare them practically for the real job.

Benefits Of Industrial Training:
Optimal Performance.
Gain Mastery.
Employability Skills.
Trend Awareness.
Hands On Experience.
Work Ethics.
Job Opportunity.
Career Advancement.

Optimal Performance: Industrial training boosts the performance of students and helps them to meet career objectives and current industry demands.

Gain Mastery: It helps students to update and master their skills. If they are not aware of new concepts and technology, the industrial training program lets them master the latest advancements. It not only builds confidence but also helps in taking up complicated projects easily.

Employability Skills: Industrial training program is always a comprehensive practical learning opportunity and platform for students to improve their employability skills. They would become well prepared for the job and get sufficient real corporate exposure.

Trend Awareness: The industrial training program improves students and graduates awareness in a particular field or technical part of a field in order to stay refreshed and updated.

Hands On Experience: The learners can obtain hands-on experience and know the real job scenario. It cultivates the leadership ability of the students and gives them the responsibility to execute and perform the given task.

Self-Confidence: Industrial training helps in increasing self-confidence at work place and identifying their own core proficiency in a team. It cultivates the leadership ability of the students and gives them the energy required to execute and perform the given task.

Work Ethics: Work ethics are the behavourial skills and set of moral principles a person uses in their job to funtion effectively in a team. Students and Graduates who takes an industrial training will develop work ethics and maturity to handle various responsibilities in any organization.

Job Opportunity: Students and Graduates who completes an industrial training program has proven to have higher chances of job retention and job placements than those who never attended.

Career Advancement: With industrial training you possess the necesary skillset and experience and updated work ethics to soar higher in your career.

If you are interested in the Industrial Training Program - The Industrial letter will be downloaded from the portal and printed out to be submitted to any organization that offer services in the area of your course. For example if you are a student or graduate of Computer Engineering, you will locate an organization that offers Computer Engineering services (or closely related services) in your country for minimum of 4 - 8 weeks freelance work and observation for real experience.

To Download Industrial Training Form, Simply Login to the Student Portal and Click Industrial Training Link under Menu

Note: You must be a student of SIIT to automatically qualify for our industrial training, if you are not yet a student and interested, you can Apply Here for Student Login.

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