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Advanced Online Journalism Course And Certification

Advanced Online Journalism Course, Advanced Online Journalism Certificate, Advanced Online Journalism Training. 

What is Online Journalism? 

Online Journalism also referred to as Digital Journalism.

Online Journalism is a present time form of Journalism in which editorial content is distributed through the internet. As opposed to publishing via print or broadcast, Online Journalism is Journalism practiced online. 

There are Lesser barricades to venture into Online Journalism such as lowered cost of distribution and the various advanced digital publishing technologies that exist today has led to extensive practice of Digital Journalism. Online Journalism has changed the flow of information that has in the past been controlled by traditional media including newspapers, magazines radio, and television. 

Professionals in Journalism have maintained that a greater degree of creativity can be exercised with Digital Journalism when it is compared to traditional Journalism and the traditional means of communicating information. The digital aspects might be central to the journalistic media. The digital areas could be central to the journalistic message and remain, to some extent, within the creative control of the editor, writer or publisher.

Online Journalism allows for connection and discussion at different levels in ways that print does not offer. Online Journalism allows people to comment on articles and to start discussion boards to discuss and give feedback about articles. Before the Internet, instant discussion between readers who have never met before was impossible. The process of discussing a news item is a major feature of what makes for Online Journalism. People can add to the story and connect with other people who want to discuss the topic.


Features Of Online Journalism: 

Online Journalism has a lot of features and characteristics, below are some of the major features:

1. Multimedia: Multimedia refers to any digital content that makes use of a mixture of different forms of content, like text, images, audio, animations, video, and other interactive content to create visuals. Multimedia is also similar to media that use only elementary computer displays such as text-only or traditional forms of printed or hand-printed material.

2. Interactivity: In Computers, Interactivity is the discussion that occurs between a human being and a computer program or another person over the internet via a computer program. Online Journalism makes it possible for a person to interact with another person or group of persons to share ideas or to discuss a particular article or article.

3. Hypertext: Hypertext is used to refer to a word, phrase, sentence or a chunk of text that can be linked to another document or text. Hypertext covers both textual hyperlinks and Graphical ones. Online journalism makes it possible for readers to easily navigate to other documents or articles that might be related to what he or she is reading presently.


Benefits And Advantages Of Online Journalism: 

There are lots of benefits of Online Journalism, some of them are:

Cost-Effective: The cost of publishing news articles online is very cheap and affordable when compared to the huge financial commitments involved in setting up a conventional newspaper house, including daily publication costs and payment of staffs salaries. 

Convergence of Roles: The roles and duties of a reporter and an editor are removed and no longer needed as only one person can perform such duties and others would work as computer writers. 

Fast and Convenient: Publishing online is both fast and also convenient. You can post news updates at the click of a button without stress and you can write and publish the article from any location because the internet offers lots of documents to carry out your research on the topic. 

Checks Waste: The loss of financial resources coming up from unsold copies of newspapers is eliminated. 

Quick Feedback: The feedback medium in online journalism is way better and faster, as against the previous "Letter to the Editor" section of a mainstream newspaper. Admins can almost immediately respond to comments and feel the mind of their visitors.

Humanness: The audience can feel the human ‘presence’ behind an online publication because of the interaction that is made possible by online both ends. 


Why Study Advanced Online Journalism

1. You would learn how to put up content on the internet professionally and legally. 

2. You would learn how to distribute valuable and informative content for web readers. 

3. Online journalism lets you reach a wide audience and get feedback from them. 

4. Job opportunities and career advancement in the media tech space.  

5. Self-employment opportunity and consultancy. 


Advanced Online Journalism Course Outline

Online Journalism - Introduction - (8 Modules) - 1st Week

Online Journalism - Copywriting - (14 Modules) - 2nd Week

Online Journalism - Online Publishing and Blogging - (16 Modules) - 3rd Week

Online Journalism - Social Media - (15 Modules) - 4th Week


Advanced Online Journalism Course Study

Duration: 4 Weeks or Study At Your Own Pace.

Formats: Web/PDF & Video Lectures.

Exams: OBJ/Practice.

Certification: Advanced Diploma.

Expertise: Certified Online Journalist 

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