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Advanced Information Systems Security Course And Certification

Advanced Information Systems Security Course and Certification, Advanced Information Systems Security Certificate, Advanced Information Systems Security Study. 

What is Information Systems Security

Information Systems Security, also known as INFOSEC, is a subset of information technology (IT) that focuses on protecting computers, networks, and their users from unauthorised access and attacks.

All modern organizations today, as well as many families and individuals, have justified concerns about digital risks to their well-being. These threats come in all shapes and sizes, including theft of private information in a database hack, installation of malicious software on a machine and intentional service disruptions.

Advanced Information Systems Security offer a combination of industry in-demand skills and refreshed modules, designed to provide you with the complete skillset highly required in workplaces. 

The Advanced Diploma Program also provides Free Job-Ready Training, which will guide you through CV Building + Job Hunting + Industrial Training and Interview Skills upon certification. 

These modules are available in both Web/PDF and Video Lectures delivered by industry experts and educators suitable for both beginners and intermediate learners. 

All materials are downloadable for offline learning for users with limited internet connection. 


Advanced Information Systems Security Work Area

  1. Information Security personnel protects computer systems by creating barriers deterring external access to them.
  2. They recognise problems within systems by identifying uncharacteristic and unusual activity.
  3. Assessing current situations with the network security and carry out audits.
  4. Implement improvements where needed and keep the users informed by completing performance reports on a regular basis to communicate the status of the system security.
  5. Carries out Network Troubleshooting
  6. System Administration
  7. Firewall Administration
  8. Information Security Policies
  9. Penetration testing
  10. Ethical Hacking
  11. Security Analyst


Advanced Information Systems Security Course Outline

Computer Networking - (12 Modules) - 1st Week

Information Security and Cyber Law - (15 Modules) - 2nd Week

Internet/Cyber Security - (10 Modules) - 3rd Week

Computer Security - (10 Modules) - 4th Week

Ethical Hacking - (13 Modules) - 5th Week

Network Security - (11 Modules) - 6th Week

Wireless Security - (14 Modules) - 7th Week

Penetration Testing - (15 Modules) - 8th Week


Advanced Information Systems Security Course Study

The Study Description for Advanced Information Systems Security

Duration: 8 Weeks or Study At Your Own Pace 

Format: Web | PDF | Video Lectures 

Exams: OBJ/Practice

Certification: Advanced Diploma 

Job Title: IT Security Professional 

Job-Ready Training: We will guide you through CV Building + Job Hunting + Industrial Training and Interview Skills.

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