8 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving The House

Online IT Certificate Courses 8 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving the House. 

8 Jobs You Can Do Without Leaving the House

Check some of the trending jobs you can do rigt inside your room

Telehealth Nurse

Even prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus in the United States, telehealth was becoming increasingly popular. Since then, it has seen an increase in demand as the health-care system has been inundated with people who were hesitant to visit their doctor during the pandemic. Even though some employers are looking for full-time telehealth nurses to answer questions about COVID-19, there are also opportunities for part-time employees. Simply look into the state's licensing requirements to ensure that you are authorized to work in that particular state before proceeding. Candidate with multiple state licenses may therefore be particularly attractive to recruiters in this situation.


Make the decision to take a break from your full-time job and make your knowledge and skills available as an independent consultant to others. When it comes to pre-retirees in a variety of industries who want to ease into retirement, this is an especially appealing option because it allows you to reduce your hours as needed while maintaining your senior-level pay rate if you stay in your area of expertise. Perhaps you can even work out a deal with your current employer to have a full-time position converted to a contract position. You can also find clients through a variety of online job boards, such as Upwork and FlexJobs, as well as staffing agencies, such as Wahve (which specializes in working with pre-retirees) and Robert Half.

The amount of money you make is highly dependent on your level of experience and specialty. As an example, according to PayScale, management consultants who assist organizations in identifying strategies to improve efficiency earn an average wage of $17 to $170 per hour.

Virtual Assistant

Assist with administrative tasks from the comfort of your own home and on your own time schedule. An experienced virtual assistant can help you with a wide range of tasks, from scheduling to email management and event planning to social media strategy and planning. And you can do it either full-time through an agency or on a gig-by-gig basis depending on your preferences. Boldly is a staffing agency with offices in 23 states that is currently looking to hire full-time assistants who will work from the comfort of their homes. To connect directly with prospective clients, you can also post advertisements for your services on freelance job boards such as FreeUp and Upwork.


These workers, depending on their position, translate either the written or spoken word into another language. At CyraCom, you would be responsible for answering phones and assisting people in communicating with doctors, insurance agents, and even 9-1-1 call center operators. Translation jobs are available on a gig-basis through Translate.com, allowing for greater flexibility. It's important to remember that all gigs are first-come, first-served, and that some gigs pay as little as a penny per word.


Do you enjoy a good game of wordplay? Working from home is an option for writers of all levels, whether they are beginners or seasoned pros. Your ability to string sentences together can lead to employment opportunities in a variety of industries. The more experience you have, the more money you can earn, it goes without saying. Expertise in a specific field — whether it's sports, parenting, personal finance, technology, or science — can also help you improve your job prospects and narrow the scope of your job search efforts.

You can also look for freelance writing opportunities on websites such as ProBlogger.com and Scripted, in addition to the full-time positions currently available at Contently and NerdWallet. Additionally, you can try directly pitching ideas to publications such as newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals.

Customer Service Representative

Set up a one-person call center in your own residence. You can work as a customer service representative for a variety of companies in a variety of industries, ranging from retail to health care to technology and everything in between. In some cases, offering your services online and assisting clients via email or online chat may even allow you to reduce the strain on your voice.

You may be required to live in a specific state in order to perform these jobs, despite the fact that they are remote positions. Aside from that, while some jobs are currently performed from home due to the pandemic, they may eventually require employees to report to the workplace. As a result, make sure to read the fine print before submitting your application.

Search engine optimization specialist

Make use of your search engine optimization (SEO) expertise to assist businesses in rising to the top of search engine results pages. In-depth reviews and analyses of websites are carried out by SEO professionals, who identify content and design issues that may be causing them to perform poorly and make recommendations on how to improve them. In order to fill this type of position, a large number of businesses are looking for full-time, part-time, and contract employees.

Software Engineer

Professionals in the technology field should have no trouble finding work-from-home opportunities. Freelance opportunities for software engineers and developers can be found on online marketplaces such as FreeUp, Remote, and Upwork, in addition to full-time employment with the aforementioned employers.

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