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Why You Should Become I.T Certified

Why You Should Become I.T Certified, Tech Certification, Tech Education, I.T Education, I.T Certification. 

What is Technology? 

Technology (Tech) is the collection of mechanisms, techniques, methods, skills and processes used to ease the production process and delivery of goods and services. 

Categories Of Technology

The following are the 3 Major Categories of Technology

1. Information and Communication Technology - I.C.T 

2. Industrial and Manufacturing Technology

3. Medical and Bio Technology

What is I.T or I.C.T? 

Information Technology (I.T) is a subset of Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) which is a branch of Technology that focuses on the use of computers and related devices to store, retrieve, transmit and process information. 

The Term "Tech" and "I.T or I.C.T" are sometimes used together or used interchangeably even though they are slightly different. The slight difference is that I.T (Information Technology) is a subset of I.C.T and I.C.T is a branch of Tech (Technology), so for the sake of communication and convenience, most people use "Tech" as a short form for I.T or I.C.T.

The Term "Tech" is also used as a short form of Technical or Technology.

I.T/Tech Education and Certification is highly in demand due to industry requirements for work efficiency and delivery. Here we look at major reasons why you should be Tech Educated and Certified.

Why You Should Become I.T or Tech Certified

The following are some of the reasons to be Tech educated and certified.

1. Proof of Professionalism

Tech Education and Certification is a level of competence commonly accepted and valued by many industries. Employers give preference in hiring applicants with Tech certification. They view this as proof that a new hire knows the procedures and technologies required. 

2. Enhanced Job Opportunity

One of the advantages of technology certification is that it can be used as stand-alone qualification and it can be attached to your primary degrees/diplomas for enhancing job opportunity. 

3. Career Advancement

Tech certification can also be a plus when an employer awards job advancements and promotions. Employers generally make assessment on both tech skills and certification before awarding promotions. 

4. Training Requirement

Tech Certification may be required as a prerequisite to attending a vendor's training course, so employers will offer advanced training to those employees who are already certified

5. Highly In-Demand

Tech Skills are The Most Valuable and Highly In-Demand profession around the world. Tech qualifications are needed in almost every workplace for efficiency. 

6. Entrepreneurial Opportunity 

Tech or I.T Training provides you with professional skills that helps you easily become your own boss and position yourself towards becoming employer of labour which is not only rewarding but also fulfilling.

7. Job Security and Promotion: 

With I.T or Tech Skiils, you can easily secure a job. Study shows that degree holders with I.T Skills have better chance of securing jobs even faster than those without I.T or Tech Skills. Companies operation today is I.T driven, so often they look for employees who are I.T Skilled. They also give promotions easily to employees who are highly skilled in I.T or Tech. 

8. Global Recognition

I.T or Tech Professionals are globally respected and recognized for their skills, the certification are also widely accepted and recognized. Tech skills generally has to do with handy skills that you can practically prove during interviews rather than verbal only.

How To Get Started

1. Determine Your Personal Interests

If you want to be happy in your career, you need to go for the one that goes along with your interest. There are many specialties to choose from in I.T, so you’ll need find out your own interests first, and then work towards fulfilling those interests professionally. 

2. Set a Career Goal

After knowing what you want, the next step is to think of how to achieve it. Let’s say you have an interest in website design, would you prefer to work in the web development field in tech? Perhaps you’d like to be a software engineer or a freelancer. Decide an “end goal” for your career, and devise a strategy to hit that goal. 

3. Start a Course

The most important thing in working in I.T Career is having the skill to perform your job. Those skills are learned through experience and training. You’ll want to undergo a training program that teaches you the skills that you’ll need for the entry level positions you want. 

4. Get Your I.T Certificate 

Tech or I.T Certificates are essential to document and showcase your knowledge and skills to employers which is key to job opportunities and career advancement. Not only do they compensate for lack of working experience, but they prove to hiring managers that you’re skilled in the areas they’re looking for. 

5. Start With Entry Level Jobs

If you are new to Tech, you can start with entry level jobs and then improve your skills overtime by taking more advanced courses. There are many names for entry-level positions in I.T, but here are some of the most common: 

* Desktop Support Technician 

* IT Technician

* End User Support Technician

* Project Manager

* Web Designer

* Web Developer

* Graphic Designer

* Video Editor

* Digital Marketer

* Content Editor

* Technical Writer

* Computer Engineer or Technician

* Computer Network Administrator etc.

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