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How Can You Change The Default Font In Google Docs

Docs, Google, Software. 

About Google Docs: A Powerful Online Word Processor by Google

Google offers Google Docs as a free and powerful online word processor option to Microsoft's heavy and expensive MS Office. Docs run totally from the Internet, which makes a few restrictions document accessibility yet additionally gives an approach to spare a consistent stream of amendments, so you never lose your work.

However, instead of this internet issue, there's no other major issue to ignore Google Docs capable of commercial usage. It has all the basic to cutting-edge features that can make your documentation job easier. In fact, Google Docs is actually used today in many organizations, either partially or fully. 

Although most people prefer to use Microsoft Word as a primary word processor, Google Docs is used to keep a record of online transactions and editing docs while mailing. Google Doc’s capability to integrate with Google Drive makes it different from other word processors. 


Advantages of Google Docs

If you are considering about implementing Google Docs as a modern tool for use in your business, the following things should be regarded as which set aside Google Docs far from others:

Accessibility: With Google Docs, people can get to the database all day, every day, any place they have a network. This sort of adaptability is incredibly useful, especially for employees who are regularly traveling can easily access documents from their mobile phones.

Version Control: Google Docs enables you to include and remove associates utilizing the Collaborate tab when working away at a particular document. That way, you can control precisely who can make changes to the document.

Import/Export Flexibility: If you have to import a document or export something out of Google Docs, you won't keep running into blunder messages and issues with compatibility. Google Docs imports and export most file types, giving you the adaptability, you need when sending and getting documents from associates.

Google Drive Integration: All documents you alter in Google Docs consequently save to Google Drive each time you roll out a modification, so if your PC crashes, you can get precisely the last known point from where you left off.


How Can You Change Default Font/Style in Google Docs? 

Everyone has their own choice of font. The font performs a significant role in the overall look and design of the document. To make your documentation look attractive and readable, applying an appropriate font might be a crucial choice.

In Google Docs, you can easily change default font with any style, size, and formatting like typical word processors. The default fonts in Google Docs and Word are too simple and small, and people get irritated to format each time their own font style. So, here are few easy steps to set up a default font in your Google Docs. This will automatically get selected whenever you’ll open a document.

Open Google Docs, type some random text. Select this text and format it as you want, such as font style, size, bold, italic, alignment, and all. 

Once you’ve set up your favourite style, select the whole text again.

Select Format => Paragraph Styles => Update “Normal Text” to match from Docs Menu.

Choose Format => Paragraph Styles => Options => Save as my default styles

Done! It’s that easy. After you did this once, you don’t require to change the fonts every time you opened a document with Google Docs. Then you can enjoy typing with your favourite format, and your document will look pretty every time! 

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