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How To Convert Your VHS Tapes To Digital

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How to Convert Your VHS Tapes to Digital 

Decades ago, when the digital technologies did not appear, VHS (Video Home System) was the most popular medium of storage amongst the people. People used to save their photos, music, videos, and another small amount of data amongst those VHS tapes. Many people might have stacks of old VHS tapes with full of their old memories. Memories are extremely valuable, so preserving those old memories is very important. The amazing thing is, converting these tapes into modern multimedia formats is less complex than it may look.

Individuals convert their VHS tapes to digital for various reasons. VHS tapes are of very low quality as compared to DVDs, except Blu-ray Perhaps you need to save some old family motion pictures, or you abominate the new Star Wars digital remasters. In any case, VHS tapes debase after some time, so the best time to change over your tapes to advanced is at this moment. 


What Tools are Required to Convert?

When you uncover your home films from any place it is that they've been hiding, you'll need a couple of instruments to get things commenced:

A VCR Player: Any VCR will usually work perfect, which has composite audio and video jacks, which common in almost all the models. If you have a TV+VCR combo, can perfectly guide the process of digitization.

A USB-to-Composite Video Converter: Converter is required to connect the old PS/2 and 3-pin audio/videos jacks to your computer. This converter acts as a converter hub for all the VCR jacks. These are available online starting from $30.

Any Ordinary PC with USB Port: You’ll need a well-working PC, which can process and store the files transferred by digitizer form VCR player. Remember. Different VCRs may need different computability settings.


Getting Started with the Conversion Process: 

When you have those things, it's a right to begin getting things associated. The initial step is to ensure that you download and install the converter's software to your PC. 

Once you are prepared with these, the next process is fairly straightforward. You just have to ensure that all the tools are connected correctly and working well. After that, just manipulate the few things in the digitizer software such as:

Step 1: Start Converter Software & Open a New Project

Step 2: Rewind then VHS tapes where you want to start the conversion, press play on VCR and then click on ‘Record’ in digitizer software. This process is performed in real-time in most of the digitizers, depends which you choose. So, you can easily track the conversion progress.

Step 3: Customize settings of digitizer software such as – set the canvas size, set up suitable refresh rate, enable interlacing options, and more.

Step 4: Stop the conversion program toward the finish of the video, and stop the video VHS tape.

Step 5: In case you're burning the captured video to DVD, your product ought to give a choice to this, yet if that not, you can utilize something like Freemake. 

Most customer USB-based digitizers have similar types of ports toward one side to use with the VCR; a lot of composites (red, white, yellow) links and S-Video. If your VCR has an S-Video port, it's a smart thought to decide on that rather than the yellow composite jack for better video quality in the conversion procedure. 

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