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Exploring Non-Technical IT Careers: Opportunities For Every Skill Set

Non Tech IT Education. 

In today’s digitalized world, the IT industry offers many careers to choose from. You do not necessarily need to become a software developer to enjoy all the benefits of this large and rapidly evolving sector. Below are some of the top non-technical IT careers suitable for different majors and mindsets. Following any of these career paths can result in great job satisfaction and steady professional growth. 

Non-Technical IT Careers:

  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • User Experience Designer
  • CopyWriter
  • Legal Advisor

Project Manager 

US Salary range: $101,000-156,000

IT projects can vary in complexity and duration, but most teams rely on project managers who monitor the progress and ensure all milestones are timely met. The project manager job description includes many responsibilities, i.e., planning the workflow, assigning tasks, adjusting milestones if necessary, and solving problems as they arise. Of course, some basic understanding of the technologies and processes is a huge bonus in a PM's career, but this occupation mostly relies on good organization and time-management skills. 

Usually, a bachelor’s degree in business management or administration is enough to qualify for the project manager’s job. Still, people from different majors and life paths can become project managers if they set their minds to it. 

Product Manager

US Salary range: $121,000-205,000

While project managers are responsible for the team’s success and progress, the product manager’s primary goal is to ensure the success of a developed product — which, in the IT industry, usually means software. This is a complex and highly responsible job that can vary greatly depending on the employer and the products or services in question. This also explains such a scattered salary scope — after all, there is a huge difference between managing a simple shopping app and dealing with complex SaaS products. 

Whatever the case, product managers are usually responsible for all stages of product implementation — starting from researching the market opportunities and ending with post-launch support. This job does not require a technical degree, but a BA in business, marketing, or a relevant major is a minimum requirement.  

Business Analyst

US Salary range: $75,000-116,000

In 2023, data and business analysts were some of the hottest in-demand jobs — and not necessarily in the IT industry. This trend will most certainly continue in the years to come because business analysts are responsible for analyzing the company’s business model and offering solutions on how to optimize it. This job will require a degree in business management or administration and will imply a lot of factual reporting, along with future forecasting. 

Business analysts are expected to work with factual data, monitor trends, and offer predictions for future business development. Of course, a thorough understanding of intelligence and analytics software is a must for this job. 

Human Resources Manager

US Salary range: $80,000-125,000

Recruiting and HR departments are among the key factors ensuring the success of any business. In larger organizations, recruiters and HRs usually work separately, but in smaller companies, the line between these two professions is usually blurred. In any case, HR managers will be responsible for working with company staff, which requires strong personal and communication skills. 

HR manager’s top goal is to ensure that company employees have what they need to succeed — and so, ensure the company’s success. This involves onboarding, training, overseeing work conditions, and acting as an intermediary between the company execs and staff. Degrees in business, HR, or other relevant industries are sufficient application criteria. 

Sales Representative 

US Salary range: $103,000-187,000

The primary role of a sales representative is to convince customers to purchase products or services. In practice, this may include various activities, from monitoring trends and conducting market analysis to making phone calls and crafting email campaigns. Here, a lot will depend on the employer and the actual business model. In any case, sales reps work closely with marketers — and in some companies, these roles may often overlap. 

To qualify for the position of a sales representative, one will need a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or any other relevant field. Strong personal, communication, and negotiation skills are an absolute must for this job. 

Digital Marketing Manager 

US Salary range: $72,000-120,000

Digital marketing is another area crucial in today’s world, so the career opportunities in this field will not run dry any time soon. Depending on the company size and specifics, digital marketers can be responsible for a whole range of tasks, but the ultimate duty is to monitor the company’s advertising strategy across different digital channels. This profession covers social media marketing, public relations, search engine optimization, etc. Sure, digital marketers do not do it all alone, but it is up to them to ensure that all online promotional efforts follow a consistent plan. 

Practically, any bachelor's degree is sufficient application criteria, but generally, employers tend to favor candidates with degrees in business or marketing. 

User Experience Designer 

US Salary range: $83,000-126,000

User Experience (UX) designers are responsible for the overall usability of a product, so a lot will depend on the company and the product in question. Usually, UX designers conduct market research, study the target audience, and come up with design and user-interface suggestions that will appeal to this audience. So, this job balances somewhere between marketing and graphic design.

To apply, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree in any of these fields, but other majors may also be considered — especially with previous experience in a relevant field. 


US Salary range: $59,000-92,000

Copywriters may not enjoy the same salary range as most other professions on this list, but there is a huge demand for technical writers in the IT niche. As a result, the actual compensation packages may be higher — but IT copywriters and content creators must be prepared to study the field to qualify for the job. With this career path, a lot will depend on the employer, but usually, copywriters are expected to create content and social media posts, as well as product reviews and tutorials. 

Bachelor's or master's degrees in linguistics or journalism are an obvious start, but people with proven writing experience and other majors are more than welcome to apply. After all, this job is about creativity and understating the subjects that need to be covered.

Legal Advisor 

US Salary range: $151,000-275,000

The last job on our list and the only one that requires a law degree. And even though we have listed it last, the compensation range for expert legal advisors is the most impressive. But if you have a legal degree or are about to get one, that should not surprise you at all, considering the tuition fees and course span.

IT legal advisors, aka legal counsels or tech lawyers, are responsible for intellectual property protection, a range of regulatory compliances, contract disputes, if any — and a series of other relevant areas, from cybersecurity concerns to digital media and promotional laws in a given area. This is a challenging job but most rewarding both in terms of professional satisfaction and monetary compensation. 

These are some of the best non-technical IT areas with the most career opportunities and the highest salary ranges. But this list still barely scratches the surface because the industry is rapidly evolving, and IT careers keep evolving with it. The best IT professionals who build impressive careers are people who are ready to embrace the change and adapt to it — because something new is always going on in this buzzing niche!

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