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Adobe Dreamweaver Course And Certification

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What is Adobe Dreamweaver? 

Adobe Dreamweaver is a software application used for creating websites and apps that can be accessed via web browsers, mobile devices, and tablets. 

Adobe Dreamweaver came into existence in 2005 developed and marketed by Macromedia Incorporation. Adobe Dreamweaver is available on macOS and Windows Operating Systems.

The new versions of Adobe Dreamweaver have support for both Web and Mobile technologies, which include ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, etc.

Features and Benefits of Adobe Dreamweaver 

There are numerous uses and benefits of Adobe Dreamweaver, some of which are: 

1. Adobe Dreamweaver is a complete web development software for Windows and Mac.

2. Adobe Dreamweaver is mostly used by web developers to create standard websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, etc.

3. Web Designers use Adobe Dreamweaver to set up local servers and create professional websites using an Internet-friendly model.

4. Adobe Dreamweaver helps web developers in creating web and mobile applications that can be accessed both locally and on the Internet via multiple devices. 

5. Adobe Dreamweaver helps developers in creating and managing responsive websites and mobile applications in a user-friendly environment. 

6. Adobe Dreamweaver provides developers with ready tools, icons, and code suggestions to speed up the development process.

7. It provides job opportunities for developers using Adobe Dreamweaver.

8. It provides self-employment opportunities for freelancers and web entrepreneurs.

Adobe Dreamweaver New Features

Adobe Dreamweaver comprises of new distinctive features that are: 

1. Code View And Design View: You can choose whether to build your webpage in code view, design view or in a split-screen between the two views. This is the majority of Dreamweaver users' preferences, including myself, since it allows you to relate the code to what the user will view on the webpage. 

2. Code Highlighting: Dreamweaver, however, makes things easy for you by highlighting each kind of code in a different color. Not only is this very handy when you come to check your work but it also helps coding amateurs to figure out basic code structure. You can use HTML, CSS, and Javascript within web design.

3. Improved code editor with Emmet support: When typing code into your prospective web page as soon as you type in a tag Dreamweaver will then list all of the possible tags that could follow.

4. Live Preview: Much like in a publishing document, preview allows you to see what the final web page will look like when live on the internet. It allows you to check the formatting, see that your hyperlinks are going to the correct pages, make sure images have the correct labels and generally lets you play around with what you’ve created as if it were a real web page.

5. Live view property inspector: All of the options available are listed and it allows you to insert hyperlinks, colors, fonts, headings and so on. Also, edit HTML and CSS so you can alter the style as well as the structure and you don’t need to even look at the code for this.

6. Bootstrap 4.0.0

7. Support for multi-monitors (Windows)

8. Support for HiDPI displays

9. Responsive design

10. PHP 7 support

11. GIT support enhancements

12. Extract with batch export

13. 64-bit architecture

14. Starter templates

15. Certificate support

16. Site management

17. Quicker HTML5 element insertion

18. Adobe Edge web fonts

19. Visual CSS editor

20. Developer workspace

21. Real-time browser preview

22. Intelligent coding assistance

23. Integrated CMS support

The Role of a Web Browser in Dreamweaver

A Web Browser is generally referred to as an application that helps in loading and displaying HTML/CSS pages.

The Web Browser helps in creating and displaying pages in accordance with the instructions in the HTML/CSS code which defines the layout and format of the text, images and many other resources used on the page.

The Web Browser also displays functions from serverside applications such as PHP, ASP, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a wonderful application that helps in developing various websites and mobile applications that can be accessed on different devices and platforms which is a great blessing for the IT industry and computer programmers. 

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Adobe Dreamweaver with Certification to showcase your knowledge skill/gained upon successful completion of the exams. 

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Outline

Adobe Dreamweaver - Introduction

Adobe Dreamweaver - Workspace and Workflow

Adobe Dreamweaver - Site Management

Adobe Dreamweaver - CSS 

Adobe Dreamweaver - Layout and Design

Adobe Dreamweaver - Page Content and Assets

Adobe Dreamweaver - File Management

Adobe Dreamweaver - Linking and Navigation

Adobe Dreamweaver - Coding

Adobe Dreamweaver - Mobile and Multi-screen

Adobe Dreamweaver - Previewing

Adobe Dreamweaver - Templates

Adobe Dreamweaver - Web Applications and Forms

Adobe Dreamweaver - Cross-product

Adobe Dreamweaver - Javascript

Adobe Dreamweaver - Accessibility

Adobe Dreamweaver - XML

Adobe Dreamweaver - Video Lectures 

Adobe Dreamweaver - Exams and Certification

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