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Adobe Flex Course And Certification

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What is Adobe Flex? 

Adobe Flex or Flex, which is now known as Apache Flex, is a software development kit (SDK) for the development and deployment of cross-platform rich Internet applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Adobe Flex is a powerful, open-source application framework that helps you to easily build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS devices, plus traditional applications for browser and desktop using the same programming model, tool, and codebase. 

In 2008, Apache Flex and Adobe Flex 3 SDK was released under the public Mozilla and Adobe Flash Builder. Nowadays the present version of the SDK is 4.16.1.  The Apache Software Foundation started a new project in 2014 known as FlexJS or Apache Royale which converts ActionScript 3 to JavaScript and runs on browsers and devices that do not support Adobe Flash Player. The Apache Software Foundation represents Apache Royale looping as an open-source technology that developers use to encode Apache Cordova, ActionScript 3, MXML and the Internet, as well as mobile and other desktop devices. 

Features and Benefits of Adobe Flex: 

There are many features and benefits of Adobe Flex, some of which are: 

1. Adobe Flex uses MXML to define UI layout and other non-visual static aspects use ActionScript to address dynamic aspects and as code-behind, and require Adobe AIR or Flash Player at runtime to run the application.  

2. Adobe Flex is used across different platforms and industries. Over the years, Adobe Inc. has supplied complete software for Internet applications. The latest offering is Adobe Flex, an open-source application platform used to develop and deploy web applications in a Flash plugin for key devices such as browsers and tablets on iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS. Performs complex GUI tasks with minimal code, seamlessly integrates with third-party components and provides a powerful development environment and a graphical user interface.

3. Adobe Flex is a high-level commercial program being used in producing a wide range of internet applications. It was originally developed by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe Systems, was donated to the Apache Software Foundation and in December 2012 became a top-level project. Adobe Flex can be easily used in mobiles and other desktop devices across the internet.

4. Adobe Flex is a huge platform for the deployment and delivery of various web applications. Flex uses MXML to define the user interface layout and other non-visual static aspects. Since ActionScript processes dynamic elements and writes code, you need an Adobe Flash Player or Adobe AIR to run the application. No doubt Adobe Flex is a powerful software for the IT industry for its uses on various devices that are compatible with it and provide a great platform for the development and usage of web applications. 

5. Adobe Flex offers data integration via services.

6. Adobe Flex is a very powerful IDE based on Eclipse 

7. Adobe Flex is easy to integrate with third-party components.

8. Adobe Flex can run outside the browser and offline. 

9. Adobe Flex is compatible with all browsers. 

10. Adobe Flex creates job opportunities and offers self-employment opportunities.

Once you are through taking the full course, you will be able to build Flex applications easily using Adobe Flash Builder software, an enterprise-class Eclipse-based IDE with a Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence. 

Adobe Flex Course Outline:

Adobe Flex - Introduction/Overview

Adobe Flex - Environment

Adobe Flex - Applications

Adobe Flex - Create Application

Adobe Flex - Deploy Application

Adobe Flex - Life Cycle Phases

Adobe Flex - Style with CSS

Adobe Flex - Style with Skin

Adobe Flex - Data Binding

Adobe Flex - Basic Controls

Adobe Flex - Form Controls

Adobe Flex - Complex Controls

Adobe Flex - Layout Panels

Adobe Flex - Visual Effects

Adobe Flex - Event Handling

Adobe Flex - Custom Controls

Adobe Flex - RPC Services

Adobe Flex - FlexUnit Integration

Adobe Flex - Debug Application

Adobe Flex - Internationalization

Adobe Flex - Printing Support

Adobe Flex - Video Lectures 

Adobe Flex - Exams and Certification

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