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Angular 2 Course And Certification

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What is Angular 2? 

Evolution is what has made technology relevant till today. AngularJS, when it was first released, couldn’t do much. But after series of consistent upgrades, Angular 2 was developed, after which Angular 5 was released just about few months ago.

Angular 2 at its initial release created a lot of vibes, and for a good reason – it came with lots of incredible features. These features were created for one major reason: to make the life of a programmer easy. 

Features of Angular 2? 

So if you are ready, let’s check out some of these cool features Angular 2 came with:  

1. An integrated Optimizer

Prior before now, programmers had to write lengthy lines of code to achieve a simple task. But all that has changed now, thanks to the build optimizer that comes with the programming tool. 

2. Improved Compiler 

The processing power of every development tool lies in its compiler. The compiler in Angular 2, now Angular 5, has been greatly enhanced to tackle even the most difficult incremental compilation. So, you expect a seamless compilation when working with Angular 2. 

3. Integration of StaticInjector

Polyfills are every programmer’s nightmare. Earlier versions of AngularJS used the ReflectiveInjector to solve this problem, but the ReflectiveInjector was somewhat limited thus was replaced with the StaticInjector in the new Angular 2. The instant effect of this is the reduction in the size of AngularJS and improved programming speed. 

4. Addition of router hooks 

A router hook is what makes it possible for routing cycle to go from start to finish. Though absent in lower versions of AngularJS, Angular 2 comes with a fully functional set of router hooks. Cool, isn’t it? 

5. Improved ease of Migration 

To make it easy for programmers to seamlessly migrate without encountering unwarranted changes, a multiple name system has been added. 

6. An updated library 

Google has taken active steps to greatly improve the AngularJS, and one of such steps is updating the material library. It comes with every tool and feature a programmer would need. 

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