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AngularJS Course And Certification

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What is AngularJS? 

AngularJS is an open-source web development tool used by developers to create highly responsive web applications. 

Angular JS is Owned by Google Inc. and used by web developers for advanced web styling and user interactivity, AngularJS runs on Apache, a robust framework on which most mobile apps, including Android and iOS app, run on.

The first version of AngularJS was first developed in 2010 using Javascript by a team of developers. Ever since then, this programing tool has evolved greatly to what it is today.

For AngularJS to work, there has to be some sort of HTML code for it to read. So, some knowledge of HTML is required to work with AngularJS. The drive for the development of AngularJS stems from two major reasons: to simplify the process of developing an app right from the conception right through to the end. The second driving reason is to break up the job a server does when running an AngularJS based application. 

Features and Benefits of AngularJS: 

The advantages and upside of AngularJS are endless, some of which are: 

1. An HTML based application lacks dynamism; it’s just static and can barely do much. AngularJS was developed, specifically, to solve this problem as it makes an HTML application dynamic.

2. With AngularJS, the development of a responsive, dynamic web app can be done at the snap of the finger.

3. AngularJS offers flexibility and extensibility. No matter your coding skills – advanced or beginner – you can use AngularJS to develop apps that best suits your needs. This is because this programing tool was developed in such a way that each programmable feature can be changed and tweaked to the programmer’s taste. 

4. AngularJS promotes code reusability. It provides a way for developers to reuse the codes that was previously used in other applications.

5. AngularJS offers faster application development. 

6. It gives developers full control because developers have opportunity to test, construct, inject and do lots more with the framework.

7. It offers better plug & play components. 

8. AngularJS provides data-binding.

9. AngularJS comes with controllers known as JavaScript functions bound to a particular scope.

10. AngularJS offers built-in services such as $http to make a XMLHttpRequests. 

11. AngularJS comes with filters used in selecting subset of items from arrays. 

12. AngularJS offers built-in directives such as ngBind, ngModel.

13. AngularJS offers switching views.

14. It provides job opportunity

15. It provides self-employment opportunity

In the Full course you will learn everything you need to know about AngularJS with Certification upon successful completion of the exams. 

AngularJS Course Outline: 

AngularJS - Introduction/Overview

AngularJS - Environment Setup

AngularJS - MVC Architecture

AngularJS - First Application

AngularJS - Directives

AngularJS - Expressions

AngularJS - Controllers

AngularJS - Filters

AngularJS - Tables

AngularJS - HTML DOM

AngularJS - Modules

AngularJS - Forms

AngularJS - Includes

AngularJS - AJAX

AngularJS - Views

AngularJS - Scopes

AngularJS - Services

AngularJS - Dependency Injection

AngularJS - Custom Directives

AngularJS - Internationalization

AngularJS - Applications

AngularJS - ToDo Application

AngularJS - Notepad Application

AngularJS - Bootstrap Application

AngularJS - Login Application

AngularJS - Upload File

AngularJS - In-line Application

AngularJS - Nav Menu

AngularJS - Switch Menu

AngularJS - Order Form

AngularJS - Search Tab

AngularJS - Drag Application

AngularJS - Cart Application

AngularJS - Translate Application

AngularJS - Chart Application

AngularJS - Maps Application

AngularJS - Share Application

AngularJS - Weather Application

AngularJS - Timer Application

AngularJS - Leaflet Application

AngularJS - Lastfm Application

AngularJS - Exams and Certification

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