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Antenna Theory Course And Certification

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What is Antenna Theory? 

Antenna Theory is the process of radiating energy from the current supplied by a radio transmitter or radio receiver to its terminal as an electromagnetic waves. 

An Antenna is an electrical device used in the field of radio and electronics to convert electrical power into radio wave. 

For the Antenna to generate currents at its terminals, it interprets the electromagnetic wave that is amplified by the receiver. Antennas are used to transmit and receive radio signal, and as such are vital in equipment that use radio technology. 

Categories of Antennas:-  

Antennas are of different types, and technological application, and generally fall into two categories, which are:

1. Omnidirectional Antennas also called Weak Directional Antennas, these antennas can radiate and receive in all direction, and are used in transmission which the position of the interacting station is not known, and 

2. Directional Antenna or Beam Antennas, which are employed when radiating or receiving in a specific direction. An example of omnidirectional antenna is the whip antenna used on cars.

Types of Antennas:- 

There are many types of Antennas, some of which are: 

+ Dipole Antennas, 

+ Resonant Antennas, 

+ Isotropic Antennas, 

+ Monopole Antennas, 

+ Loop Antennas, 

+ Aperture Antennas, 

+ Traveling Wave Antennas. 

Advantages and Uses of Antenna:-  

Some of the benefits of Antenna include: 

1. Antennas are used in devices such as cell phones, computer wireless networks, satellite communication, TV and radio broadcasting. 

2. Antennas can be used in a whole lot of other communication devices like two way radio, communication receiver and wireless microphones.

3. It is composed of metallic conductors, connected to a transmitter or a receiver for good power gain. 

4. Antennas can function over a wide range of frequencies. 

5. It offers wider bandwidth.

6. It offers higher directivity. 

7. It provides higher power gain. 

In the design and selection of an Antenna, some characteristics features that are used to measure performance are considered. Among these characteristics is the antenna’s power gain or just gain. Power gain is the measure of degree of directivity of an antenna’s pattern of radiation. 

Antennas with a high power gain will radiate its power in a specific direction while Antennas with a low power gain will radiate their power at a wider angle. To increase the power of power gain its power is channelled in a horizontal direction. Some other characteristics are directional characteristics, efficiency of the antenna, frequency, the impedance of the antenna, polarization, and bandwidth. 

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Antenna Theory with Certification upon successful completion of the exams. 

Antenna Theory Course Outline: 

1. Antenna Theory Basic Terms

Antenna Theory - Fundamentals

Antenna Theory - Basic Parameters

Antenna Theory - Parameters

Antenna Theory - Near & Far Fields

Antenna Theory - Radiation Pattern

Antenna Theory - Isotropic Radiation

Antenna Theory - Beam & Polarization

Antenna Theory - Beam Width

Antenna Theory - Reciprocity

Antenna Theory - Poynting Vector

2. Types of Antennas

Antenna Theory - Types of Antennas

Antenna Theory - Wire

Antenna Theory - Half-Wave Dipole

Antenna Theory - Half-Wave Folded Dipole

Antenna Theory - Full-Wave Dipole

Antenna Theory - Short Dipole

Antenna Theory - Long Wire

Antenna Theory - V-Antennas

Antenna Theory - Inverted V-Antenna

Antenna Theory - Rhombic

Antenna Theory - Loop

Antenna Theory - Helical

Antenna Theory - Aperture

Antenna Theory - Horn

Antenna Theory - Slot

Antenna Theory - Micro Strip

Antenna Theory - Lens

Antenna Theory - Parabolic Reflector

3. Antenna Arrays

Antenna Theory - Antenna Arrays

Antenna Theory - Collinear Array

Antenna Theory - Broad-side Array

Antenna Theory - End-fire Array

Antenna Theory - Parasitic Array

Antenna Theory - Yagi-Uda Antenna Theory

Antenna Theory - Log-periodic Antenna Theory

Antenna Theory - Turnstile Antenna Theory

4. Wave Propagation

Antenna Theory - Spectrum & Transmission

Antenna Theory - Types of Propagation

Antenna Theory - Lonosphere & its Layers

Antenna Theory - Terms in Wave Propagation

Antenna Theory - Exams and Certification

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