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Apache HTTP Server Course And Certification

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What is Apache? 

Apache (in full Apache HTTP server) is a powerful and robust web server software. It is open source and free to download and use. Apache is considered by many as a flexible tool in the world of web server software. It is also the most widely used server software on the web.

Advantages of Apache HTTP Server

1. Running apache server leaves you with less platform worries as apache is a cross platform server software i.e. it can run on any operating system, be it Windows OS, Linux, Mac OS as the case may be. 

2. Apache is known to have made initial contributions to the growth of the World Wide Web (www) and is still adding more value to it, this remarkable contributions have given it a lead in web server software market, and its developers are working continuously to make it even much better and flexible.

3. Some of the programming language supported by apache include Python, PHP, Tcl and Perl.

4. Apache has a lot of featured support many of which are implemented as an extension of the core functionality of complied modules.

5. Apache also has support for authentication module examples of these modules include; mod_auth, mod_access, and mod_auth_digest. 

6. Some other features supported by Apache include content negotiation, password authentication, configurable error message, FTP, CGI, digital certification, to mention but a few.

7. Apache runs with the process name httpd. This means multiple website can run on a single apache installation, this unique feature is made possible by what is known as Virtual hosting. Virtual hosting is a way of hosting several domain name on a single server. 

8. Apache also gives architectural implementation a lot of flexibility, through what is known as Multiprocessing Module. The choice of Multiprocessing Module is of great importance as it allows apache to run in a hybrid, process based mode. One of the major drawback of Apache 2.2 was it sluggishness to the delivery of static file, all thanks to the developers that immediately ran to the rescue with Apache 2.4 which of course saw to this drawback.

9. Apache is still been actively worked on and will continue to be a preferred choice amongst its counterparts. 

10. Apache is available free of cost that requires no license.

11. Apache is reliable and high performance.

12. Apache is easy to install and uses full-featured web server.

13. Apache offers more support and faster turnaround time.

14. Apache offers instant changes, so no need to restart the server for changes to reflect.

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Apache HTTP Server with Certification upon successful completion of the exams.

Apache Course Outline: 

Apache - What is Apache?

Apache - How to install Apache

Apache - Install Apache on Linux Platform

Apache - Install Apache from Source

Apache - What is Virtual Host?

Apache - Types of Apache Virtualhost

Apache - Name-based Virtual Host

Apache - IP-based Virtual host

Apache - What Apache needs to Run Php File?

Apache - PHP handlers in Apache

Apache - How to run Ruby with Apache

Apache - How to Secure Apache Web Server?

Apache - Hiding Apache version and OS information

Apache - Disable Directory Listing

Apache - Disabling unnecessary modules

Apache - Restricting Access to files outside the web root directory

Apache - Using mod_evasive to rebutting the DoS attack

Apache - Using mod_security to enhance apache security

Apache - Limiting request size

Apache - Apache Log Format

Apache - Available Apache Directives

Apache - Types of Apache Log Format

Apache - Common Log Format

Apache - Combined Log Format

Apache - Configure your very first Production Web Server

Apache - Exams and Certification

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